November Deliverability Report

One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public. We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private, such as our finances.

One question that’s commonly asked by creators who are looking for a new email marketing platform is, “How is your email deliverability?”

To live out our value of working in public, we decided to start publishing monthly deliverability reports to give you insight into how ConvertKit’s deliverability is performing.

In November, ConvertKit sent over 970 million messages.

When messages are sent, they can be delivered or they can bounce. For more details on how email deliverability operates, check out our blog post here. But for a little TLDR- The more messages delivered, the better!

It is inevitable for some messages to bounce due to invalid addresses, full mailboxes, etc., but a good delivery rate indicates healthy deliverability for ConvertKit.

We consider a system-wide delivery rate of 98% and above to be very healthy.

In November, our system-wide delivery rate was 99.01%

ConvertKit's systemwide delivery rate
ConvertKit’s system-wide delivery rate

This high delivery rate indicates a healthy reputation for ConvertKit, which gives our customers a solid foundation for their email deliverability. To get even more detailed about how well we’re performing, it helps to filter down by mailbox provider. Here are the top 5 domains ConvertKit sends to in terms of volume:

Volume: 536 million messages
Delivery rate: 99.69%

Volume: 105 million messages
Delivery rate: 99.82%

Volume: 92 million messages
Delivery rate: 99.01%

Volume: 24 million messages
Delivery rate: 99.89%

Volume: 11 million messages
Delivery rate: 99.88%

Our system-wide complaint rate is 10x lower than industry standard

A complaint is when a subscriber marks a message as spam. An elevated complaint rate is a signal that the sender’s quality of mail isn’t good. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that the mail sent from ConvertKit is wanted by the recipients.

In the email industry, a complaint rate less than 0.1% is seen as healthy. ConvertKit’s complaint rate is 0.01%, which speaks to the high quality of mail sent by our customers and the healthy reputation of our infrastructure.

Deliverability Tip of the Month:

Encourage your subscribers to reply to your messages! This sends a positive signal to mailbox providers and can help boost your sender reputation and improve deliverability.

Industry News

The email industry is speculating that Gmail made changes to their spam filtering in mid-October. Some believe that Gmail is starting to be tougher on senders who email subscribers that haven’t opened in 180+ days. If you’ve noticed a drop in open rates or spam filtering at Gmail, we recommend pruning your list of cold subscribers.

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