Update: Google Postmaster Tools outage still an issue

Update, December 16: According to the data we can see funneled into our platform via GPT, while data from December 10-12 is still missing, more recent data is appearing as usual. While not fully resolved, it looks like they’re getting back on track.

On December 11, several email service providers and senders started to ask about a sudden shift in reputation for all domains listed in the Google Postmaster Tools after noticing anomalous Gmail data in their account. After sudden “red” reporting metrics on December 10, the data is now gone, and there is no data for any days since.

What we know:

  • Reputation is not impacted by this outage; emails are still delivering fine for senders (even if your reputation suddenly reported as “red” or poor)
  • The Google team is aware of the outage and is working on fixing the tools and the data

Here’s what you should be doing while we are waiting for the data to update: Stay the course! Continue monitoring your standard engagement metrics and email data, and judge if your reputation is changing. If your metrics are holding steady, keep doing what you’re doing. If they start to fall, reevaluate your targeting and tighten up your lists, because you’re not necessarily being affected by a simple reporting glitch.

We have reached out to the team at Google and will update this post with more information as it becomes available.

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