How to Create a Newsletter Landing Page

The old adage tells us that “consistency is key,” but what role does consistency play in our marketing? Why is it a necessity rather than a nice-to-have?

When you are focused on thoughtfully building the reputation of your brand, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to provide consistent value to your audience.

It’s not enough to capture their attention once and never connect with them again. You’ll need to keep their attention by consistently delivering content in order to leave a memorable impression.

The best way to keep your brand top-of-mind is to start an email newsletter.

By starting an email newsletter, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with your subscribers on a consistent basis with personalized, educational content.

To start collecting email subscribers, you can use a newsletter landing page to attract visitors and persuade them to join your list.

Newsletter landing page goals

The benefits of creating a newsletter landing page

Think of your newsletter landing page as the “gate” between where your audience is right now and where they want to be. If you can position your email newsletter as a solution to a core problem they are experiencing, you’ll be able to keep an engaged email list.

So, why should you create a newsletter landing page?

Not only are landing pages the best way to grow your newsletter, but it will also allow you to accomplish these specific goals.

You can turn social media followers into email subscribers

If you rely on social media platforms to communicate with your audience, you won’t always have a direct line of communication to them.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook only show your posts to 2-3% of your followers (without paid social media advertising), but an email service provider (ESP) will deliver your email newsletter to every subscriber without the hassle of changing algorithms.

It’s also a good idea to turn your social media followers into email subscribers because they can be worth 15 times as much when they join your list.

Email subscribers are more likely to convert on your offers than a social media follower, so the main goal of your social media platforms should be to grow your email list. A newsletter landing page will help you do that.

Fun CTA button illustration

You will provide consistent value to your audience

Instead of only creating automated email sequences to nurture your email subscription list (which we recommend utilizing), you can use an email newsletter landing page to communicate with your audience on a regular schedule.

Email newsletters are usually sent on a consistent weekly or monthly schedule, but you can adjust the schedule to fit your email marketing content strategy. Once you choose how often you want to email your subscribers, it’s time to outline what kind of email content you want to send.

Many creators send regular updates about their business, clients, or new projects through an email newsletter. Others send educational lessons on niche topics, helping their subscribers learn something new that they can implement into their life or business. Others tell personal stories that inspire and motivate whoever is reading them.

No matter what kind of email content you create, your newsletter landing page will help you build your email list, increase your brand trust, and grow your brand awareness once you publish it.

You can launch an email newsletter before you launch a brand

If you haven’t launched your brand, blog, or business yet, you can still create a newsletter landing page. Starting an early email newsletter will help you prime your audience for the upcoming launch.

Instead of launching to an empty room, you will have an engaged list of email subscribers who can’t wait for your launch. This can also be done with a coming soon landing page if you only want to collect interest for your launch rather than communicating with them consistently through your newsletter.

By nurturing new subscribers with a consistent newsletter, you’ll build an initial connection with your audience that leads to more trust. It will also help you build excitement and buzz around your launch. When the big day arrives, you’ll have more people spreading the word about your brand, increasing the reach of your content.

Essential elements to create for your newsletter landing page

To start engaging with email subscribers, you’ll want to create an eye-catching newsletter landing page with a few key landing page elements. You’ll need a clear headline, short description copy, memorable imagery, and a call-to-action (CTA) button that is easy to find.


Your headline must make a statement and grab your audience’s attention. It only needs to be a few words long, but you’ll want to choose those words wisely.

Some of your audience members will make a decision whether or not they want to sign up for your newsletter based on your headline, so you might want to write down a few options before you choose a winner. We’ll help you get started with a few headline formulas.

One of the most simple headlines is “Join the email newsletter,” which you can customize to better fit your brand messaging.

Using an action word like “join” entices people to sign up while the word “newsletter” describes what your audience will be receiving. This headline works for many creators like The Fearless Nomad community with their newsletter landing page.

Join the newsletter landing page headline example
‘Join the newsletter’ landing page headline example. Image via The Fearless Nomad

We like how Main Stage Home created a headline that invites their subscribers to “Get exclusive access.” You can personalize the headline to include the name of your brand, newsletter list, or both.

Main Stage Home's newsletter landing page
‘Get exclusive access’ landing page headline example Image via Main Stage Home

Branding your email newsletter with a different name (like Main Stage Home did with “The Pro Lounge”) might be a great option if you want to treat the newsletter like its own community. Then, any time you reference the newsletter, you’ll be able to use its unique name and point people to the newsletter landing page to learn more.

If you want to lead with a question, you can follow the headline formula that The Butter Half used in their newsletter landing page. They ask incoming subscribers if they want to live their best life, followed by description copy that explains why they should sign up for the newsletter to accomplish that goal.

The Butter Half's newsletter landing page
Question headline example for newsletter landing page. Image via The Butter Half

We’ll talk more about how to write your description copy next.

Description copy

Your headline will capture your audience’s initial interest, but your description copy needs to explain what your email newsletter is and why visitors should sign up for it.

Your description copy should have enough detail to clarify your offer but not too much detail. If you can keep your description copy to one or two sentences, that’s ideal.

Your description copy can include:

  • How often you send email newsletters (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • What topics you typically cover (related to your niche)
  • What your audience can expect when signing up

Inside your description copy, you can also share more information about who you are.

Visitors don’t have to wonder how Brittany Hennessy helps people because she includes a short mission statement on her newsletter landing page. This is done to ensure subscribers know more about who Brittany is, what topics she frequently talks about, and how she can help incoming subscribers.

Brittany Hennessy's newsletter landing page
Mission statement description example for newsletter landing page. Image via Brittany Hennessy

Her mission statement reads “I help content creators, experts, and entrepreneurs manage and monetize their personal brand in the age of social media.” It is extremely clear and concise.

You can use the same formula to create your description copy:

I help [target audience] with [what you teach or specialize in] through [your offerings].

Bytesized Code also created a newsletter landing page that highlights their shortened mission statement, which reads “Bytesized Code is teaching developers and building a community of software engineers around the world.”

Bytesized Code's newsletter landing page
Example of description copy for a newsletter landing page. Image via Bytesized Code

In addition to the mission statement, we also love that Bytesized Code explains how they send weekly emails with software development tips, updates, and news about their online conference series. People who land on this page know exactly what they’ll receive when they sign up, eliminating confusion and increasing conversions.


Most of our landing page design templates give you the option to include imagery to help you make a memorable impression on your audience. This imagery can include stock photos, logos, brand photography, graphics, illustrations, and more.

To choose the right image, think about what you are offering through your email newsletter and how you can visually tell a story about this offer through an image or graphic.

Sew Simple Home uses a landing page image with spools of thread and other sewing tools to communicate what the email newsletter list is all about. It makes the newsletter landing page stand out, especially with the bright colors and organized layout.

Sew Simple Home's newsletter landing page
Example of images that communicate messaging on newsletter landing page. Image via Sew Simple Home

Since candy corn is widely known as a Halloween treat, we love how Miranda from Spooky Little Halloween used the treat as her background image in this newsletter landing page.

Treats Not Tricks' newsletter landing page
Example of images on newsletter landing page. Image via Treats Not Tricks

Hoping to inspire her subscribers to celebrate Halloween all year long, she sends treat-related weekly emails which relates to the image she uses here. The faded image allows the landing page copy and email sign-up form to stand out.

Now let’s talk about the last landing page element you need: a CTA button!

CTA button

The primary goal of your CTA button copy is to inspire your audience to take action. In this case, the action would be to sign up for your email newsletter.

Most CTA buttons feature short copy with one to three words. Try to refrain from including full sentences on your CTA button that make it hard to read. This could hurt your landing page conversions.

You can use any of these simple CTA button copy examples:

  • Sign up / Sign me up
  • Join us / Join the newsletter / Join the list
  • Subscribe / Subscribe for updates / Subscribe now

After reviewing thousands of newsletter landing pages, we found that “Subscribe” was the most common CTA button copy, but we also saw some traction with casual and approachable CTA button copy. Some of these examples included “Yes please,” “I’m in,” and “Send me the goods.”

Keto in Pearls' newsletter landing page
Subscribe landing page CTA example. Image via Keto in Pearls

Best practices for your newsletter landing page

Almost ready to build your newsletter landing page inside your free ConvertKit account? You’ll be able to build your landing page more easily and strategically when you keep these best practices in mind.

Shorten your landing page link

To make your landing page easier to share on social media and other platforms, we recommend shortening your landing page URL link with a tool like You can do this by copying the URL of your landing page and pasting it into

It will then give you the option to create a title for the link along with a custom link. This will ensure that your shortened links look branded, which looks better than the default link with randomly generated letters and numbers.

Here is a example if we were going to create a shortened link for the AT Parenting Survival podcast’s newsletter landing page.

How to shorten your landing page link
How to shorten your landing page link

Link to multiple landing pages for your brand

If you want to give away different freebies, highlight your newest blog post, and point people to your services all at once, you might want to create a master landing page using a tool like Linktree.

Check out this great example from AJ&Smart. They used their Linktree landing page to promote their podcast, webclass, YouTube channel, and email newsletter.

AJ&Smart's Linktree landing page example
How to use Linktree to promote your newsletter landing page. Image via AJ&Smart

When someone clicks on “Subscribe to the best newsletter ever” at the very bottom, it will direct them to the newsletter landing page they created in ConvertKit. That way, they don’t have to choose between promoting their newsletter and promoting all the other things they’re working on. It’s a win-win!

Keep your form fields simple

When someone is trying to decide whether or not they want to sign up for your newsletter, you don’t want to overwhelm them by collecting too much information upfront. If you ask for their phone number, location, and other personal details, they might be turned off and exit out of your landing page.

Instead, we recommend only collecting the person’s first name and email address. If you want more information, you can always ask them to fill out a voluntary extended survey after they sign up. For now, keep it simple with those two form fields, like this newsletter landing page example from the Learn Spanish Con Salsa podcast.

Learn Spanish Con Salsa's newsletter landing page
Simple form fields for your landing page. Image via Learn Spanish Con Salsa

Give a freebie for signing up

Who doesn’t love getting something valuable for free? Offering a free downloadable lead magnet might convince subscribers to join your list who have been on the fence about signing up.

Make sure what you are offering is something your subscribers would think about paying for. That’s the best way to ensure you’re giving them something they’ll actually learn from or use.

It will also make them think about how much more value you give through your paid products and services, positioning you as an expert and helping you build trust when it comes time to sell.

We love how this newsletter landing page from The Wandering Suitcase shows how subscribers can join the email newsletter and get instant access to a free Southwest USA itinerary downloadable.

The Wandering Suitcase's newsletter landing page
Example of a freebie giveaway on a landing page. Image via The Wandering Suitcase

Optional: Include advanced segmentation options

If you want to create more personalized email content for your ideal audience, you might want to create an email segmentation strategy. Instead of putting all of your incoming subscribers into one “bucket,” you can organize your audience members into multiple segments.

Target email marketing segmentation

Your audience can be organized by their interests, skill level, stage of life or business, location, or other defining personality traits. Depending on the types of products and services you sell or the content you provide, you’ll determine what segmentation buckets make the most sense.

Want to see how email segmentation works in action?

Kelly of The Simply Organized Teacher created an email newsletter list called The Organizer’s Bin. Inside her newsletter landing page, she gives new subscribers the opportunity to choose from three niche topics: classroom organization, classroom management, or first-year teacher.

The Simply Organized Teacher's newsletter landing page
Example of how to segment subscribers on a landing page. Image via The Simply Organized Teacher

To top it off, Kelly also lets her audience select how often they want to receive emails from her. She offers a weekly newsletter along with a monthly digest. Kelly can offer highly personalized content her audience will love because of these segmentation and communication frequency options.

Create your own email newsletter landing page

Now you have everything you need to build your very own newsletter landing page!

All you need to do is sign up for a free ConvertKit account, choose a landing page template of your choice, and input your four landing page elements. Then, you’ll be ready to publish your email newsletter landing page and start collecting subscribers!

Start your email newsletter for free today

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