ConvertKit Now Offers Migrations No Matter Your List Size

Switching email providers can be a lot of work.

Migrating email lists, updating forms, testing automations—it all takes time. Time you could be spending growing your audience and sharing your work with the world.

Charlie Shipp, ConvertKit’s implementation lead and resident migrations guru, knew the migration process needed a facelift.

Ever since we first launched, we’ve helped online creators migrate to ConvertKit from other email service providers. But the migration process has never been as seamless—or as tailored to each creator—as it should be.

Creators moving from other providers would fill out a lengthy form before having to wait to hear back from us. If you had more subscribers, forms, or automations than we could handle, we sometimes had to ask you to help out with the migration. It wasn’t an easy process, and it didn’t exactly instill trust in online creators migrating from other email service providers.

Screenshot of old migration form
A screenshot of our old migration form.

We want switching to ConvertKit to be a snap. Who wants to spend all their time moving to a new platform? Not you. You’ve got bigger things to do.

So we listened to your feedback, and today, we’re proud to announce our brand new (and much better!) Concierge Migrations process and to open it up to every online creator, no matter how many subscribers are on your list.

Introducing free Concierge Migrations

Our free Concierge Migrations make it quick and easy to switch to ConvertKit, letting you save your time and energy for connecting with your audience and sharing what you do.

The new ConvertKit migration form in action.
The new ConvertKit migration form in action.


What do the migrations include?

Depending on the scope of your migration and how quickly you want it completed, you can choose the migration tier that works best for you from a few different options. Every migration tier includes importing all your subscribers, but you’re also able to choose how many forms, tags, sequences, and email templates you want us to move to your ConvertKit account.

More choices, Charlie explains, gives you more say over the process.

The biggest improvement with the new migration process is that it gives you more choice. We’ve had some people that actually chose the mini migration because their timeline was more important than getting everything set up. They ultimately wanted to be up and running for their launch, and this new process helped us meet those goals for these creators.

How long will the migration take?

Migrations vary in time depending on the number of moving pieces you’re importing. Just moving a few tags and subscribers? No problem. A handful of email sequences? You bet. Years worth of forms and email templates? We’ve got your back. Just know the more you ask us to migrate, the longer the process will take.

How hands-on do migrations customers need to be during the process?

We learned from our previous migration process that most of you want us to manage the entire migration for you. But, for those of you who prefer getting your hands dirty, you can choose which pieces we’ll migrate for you, and which parts you’d prefer to take on yourself.

If you need your migration done sooner—you have a big launch coming up, or a vacation where you want to check out entirely—we can start with just the essentials to get you up and running quickly.

How much does a migration cost?

Our migrations have always been free, and that’s still the case here. However, while we used to require a minimum of 5,000 subscribers to qualify for a migration, the new process is open to all online creators no matter how many subscribers you’re bringing over. We want to make your move to ConvertKit as seamless and pain-free as possible!

Having the ConvertKit team take care of the technical aspects of my migration was amazing, right down to personalized video tutorials showing me around my new account. The ConvertKit service experience really sets this software apart from others I’ve tried and has made a raving fan out of me. – Caitlin Cady Nowland

The new and improved ConvertKit migration process

How the migration process works

First, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up for a ConvertKit Complete plan.

Once you’ve signed up, you can fill out our migration form so we have all the details to make your switch seamless. Once you’ve selected your current email service provider and how many subscribers you’re migrating, the form will show you all the different migration tiers for you to choose from and how long your migration will take.

After choosing your tier, you can begin filling out the migration form. We’ll ask about your business details, along with which forms, lists, email sequences, and templates you’d like us to bring over.

“We’ve made the form super easy to complete,” Charlie points out. “You’ll always know how far you are through the process with the progress form. We even tailor the language we use in the form to match your current email service provider.”

One common issue with the previous migration form, Charlie explains, was that there was no way to save your progress. Now, if you need to take a break partway through, you can always click the link at the bottom to save your progress.

No more ‘I spent two hours on this gigantic page without a break. Go ahead and work on a piece. If you need to find out more info, you can come back later—we’ll give you a magic link you can use to return to your migration form from any computer.

Filling out the ConvertKit migration form is fast and easy.
Filling out the ConvertKit migration form is fast and easy.

After you submit the form, one of our expert migration team members will contact you to let you know when your migration will be complete and to answer any questions.

Then, we’ll get to work, so you don’t have to. We will:

  • Import all your subscribers with the same tags and custom fields you’re already using
  • Replace all the existing forms on your website with new forms in ConvertKit
  • Move over all your emails and templates

We can complete your migration in as soon as a few days. For qualified accounts, you’ll also get support from our account managers to ensure there are no hiccups.

Any creator knows that migrating your email list is like messing with your life blood. Charlie and his team laid out a specific plan, explained why each step mattered, and coordinated with me in a manner that was timely and efficient. The migration went extremely smoothly and my business is now booming on ConvertKit. – Khe Hy, creator of Radreads

Start your free Concierge Migration today

Charlie and his team are ready and waiting to start your free Concierge Migration. “Switching email marketing providers can be painful,” Charlie confesses, “but working with our team can make it much easier. We’re excited to help you take this next step and to grow your business.”

ConvertKit was made by creators for creators. If you’re looking for better deliverability, clean automations, and beautiful landing pages that convert, it’s time to migrate your audience to ConvertKit.

Get started with your free Concierge Migration today, and find out why thousands of online creators choose ConvertKit to connect with their audience!

I’m ready to move to ConvertKit

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