Ramsey Solutions Wins Email Hero Award for Best Subject Line

This week we’re featuring Ramsey Solutions, winners of Validity’s Email Hero Award for Best Subject Line.

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Tony Hendrix, Email Marketing Specialist at Ramsey Solutions.

What were the goals of this particular campaign?

Increase customer confidence while deepening the relationship between the sales advisor and customers. We also wanted to decrease the amount of user churn from a customer’s first class to their second class.

Did you face any key challenges along the way?

I faced several challenges on getting the subject line “How are you?” approved. The marketing team was convinced that it was far too simplistic and would not work. We had never done anything to address the helplessness our customers were feeling. We also grappled with several higher business priorities that took away time from this project.

What were your campaign results?

Using “How are you?” in the subject line triggered an open rate of 80.1 percent. Up to this point we never had anything close to that performance – with an average open rate of around 21 percent. It’s now been recognized as the highest performing email in our entire organization and has continued to perform as an automated email for the past four months.

How did you achieve these results?

We decided to leverage our sales advisors as relationship owners with our customers. We sent out emails on their behalf using dynamic content to publish unique content as it relates to the user. Using Return Path, we found that our average user read time was about six seconds, so we knew that our emails needed to be short and punchy. We also found that we saw a higher deliverability rate when the subject line was relational in nature. This was a big key in getting that particular subject line approved.

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