We’re making some changes to the Free Plan

A lot can change in a few weeks. This is a unique world event. And we’re seeing a lot of creators in need of help. That’s why we launched The Creator Fund last week and why we’re making more changes to our Free Plan today…

As of today, we’re changing our Free plan to include email broadcast sending to up to 500 subscribers and adding Creator Pass- two courses filled with the teaching and tools you need to build a business doing work you love.

For some people now is not the time to create and that’s ok. Give yourself permission to not get much done. Figure out what’s most important and create space for those things.

But we also know that there are others who need a place to channel all this excess energy from social distancing. We need ways to feel connected. Because we’re all in this together, even though walls may be separating us.

This is a time for deeply genuine and authentic content coming from the soul level. The best thing a creator can do right now is to create consistently and generously.

If you are the kind of creator who entertains or educates your audience, we need to hear from you. We need your positive voice.

Our Free plan also includes access to our ConvertKit Community. This is a space dedicated to gathering creators from all over the world working toward their goals and dreams, just like you. We’ve put together member-led groups within the community, specific to different industry niches that allow for further connection, space for questions and discussions, and brainstorming.

These changes to the free plan are permanent. From now on, all Free plan users get those 500 subscribers and access to Creator Pass!

Ready to turn that anxious energy into creativity?

If you’re feeling the urge to express yourself, to find a creative outlet, to write, and to share, create your Free ConvertKit account today, build a landing page, and start connecting with the world.

Create a Free account

We’re all looking for ways to keep our spirits up, so consider this your permission to keep sharing what you love. Create from your heart when there is overflow.

Stay safe,
Nathan Barry

PS- Already on our Free Plan?

If you’re currently using our Free plan, head to the Help icon on the bottom right of your account and ask to be upgraded to the new Free plan to hit 500 subscribers.

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