Gone Remote: Customer Success

Anyone familiar with the customer success (CS) space is no stranger to the term “retention today, growth tomorrow. A happy customer base means a larger advocacy base. As this infographic shows, 92% of customers trust recommendations from people they knowConvinced yet? 

“Customer Success, this is your time to shine, says Bora Lee, customer success operations at ChurnZero. 

Twenty to forty percent of churn is typically from involuntary or delinquent churn (especially if payments are taken from credit cards). Considering the state of the world today, we’re curious to see how these numbers will be affected moving forward 

With this in mind, we brought together four customer success experts to share real-world experience and advice for how to navigate rough waters. We explored creative ways to reach customers now, what proven CS strategies are no longer relevant, and how to turn a challenging customer into an advocate.  

In this week’s episode of Gone Remote we asked Bora Lee, team lead of customer success operations at ChurnZero, Sean MacPherson, head of customer success at Alyce, Monique Witt, senior customer success manager, EMEA and LATAM at Unbounce, and Andrew Ledet, director of customer success at G2, to speak to the shifting landscape of customer success. 

Do you have any additional tips, tricks, or ideas you’d like to share? Reach out to @TrustValidity to let us know what you think! 

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