Gone Remote, Episode 2: SDR and BDR Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Productivity

Sales teams always shoulder a huge responsibility—without a successful sales team, a company is sure to fail. The need to work remotely is an added challenge.

In this episode of Gone Remote, we asked four sales development representative (SDR) and business development representative (BDR) experts how they maintain a healthy team in this new landscape. Listen as Tim Utley, BDR manager at Alyce, Julianne Thompson, head of sales development at Drift, Massimo Severino, SDR at Wistia, and Melissa Murillo, senior manager of sales development at Validity, talk strategy, empathy, and connection.

Don’t miss this this week’s episode as it covers essential topics like how to stay connected and accountable, what channels of communication are more effective now more than ever, how to start conversations in a meaningful and empathetic way, and more.

If you enjoy this episode, mark your calendar for next week’s video: aligning sales and marketing teams remotely.

Do you have any additional tips, tricks, or ideas you’d like to share? Tweet them to @TrustValidity! We’d love to hear them.

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