Gone Remote, Episode 3: Team Alignment in a Remote World

For every organization, large or small, it is crucial to have strong leadership in place. People want answers and certainty, even when they don’t exist. It is the role of leadership to provide reliable communication, quick navigation, and a sense of security.

In this episode of Gone Remote, we asked five leaders to share how they maintain a culture of positivity and effectively communicate when information is updated faster than it can be shared.

Hear how Phillip Alvarado, industry director of sales and technology at TriNet; Melanie Fellay, CEO at Spekit; Cassandra Jowett, senior director of marketing at PathFactory; and Scott Ziegler, SVP of product management at Validity are navigating these challenging times and remaining cool under pressure.

You’ll also want to mark your calendar for next week’s video, How to Stay Connected; Advice from Community and Social Media Experts.

Do you have any additional tips, tricks, or ideas you’d like to share? Reach out to @TrustValidity to let us know what you think!

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