How Do the Best Email Marketers Build Successful Campaigns? [New eBook]

You may be familiar with the term “superhero.” It’s a moniker given to those who place themselves in harm’s way to protect others. You might even have a favorite superhero whose latest movie adaption will compel you to see it twice in its opening week (when we get to go back to the movies). At Validity, the heroes we love to root for over and over again are Email Heroes. 

Email Heroes are email marketers who go above and beyond to provide their customers an exceptional email experience. They incorporate email data and the latest tools into their program to optimize their email content and create an engaging and valuable customer journey for their subscribers.  

To learn what it takes to build a successful email programwe interviewed 18 stand-out email marketers about their experiences creating their most rewarding campaigns, including: 

  • How The Service Master Company was able to optimize their program and increase their inbox placement at Gmail  
  • How Eargo used a newsletter to keep customers engaged and informed post-purchase 
  • How a triggered email campaign helped OpticsPlanet double their average conversion rate 

Download the ebook for actionable takeaways you can implement into your own email program.  

You can also join our upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 23rd as we talk with EargoOpticsPlanet, and CampSaver to hear how they’ve developed their award-winning email campaigns and what trends they see happening in the future. 

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