Introducing Strength with Validity, Designed for You Today

No one expected to find themselves where we are today. Many of us are navigating completely new remote routines, struggling to understand customers’ changing habits, and frankly, fretting about our own personal health and safety. Our main goal today is to stay strong, in business, in life, and in spirit.

Marketers are quickly trying to find their “new normal” in a time of great change and uncertainty. Much of the traditional marketing spend is moving to email, but for organizations who typically don’t rely heavily on the channel, it can feel confusing and the pitfalls too great to step around. The last thing any marketer needs right now is to inadvertently damage their sender reputation with junk lists and bad data, making it even harder to reach their customers where they are today.

That’s why we’ve developed Strength with Validity, a free suite of tools for marketers pivoting to a greater focus on digital marketing. With Strength with Validity, you can assess your email readiness while simultaneously managing your CRM and customer data with greater ease and confidence.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Digital Email Check-up tools, powered by, allowing customers to evaluate their email infrastructure
  • Up to 5,000 FREE email verification credits via BriteVerify
  • CRM Data Check-up tools assessing the quality of CRM data, including duplicate data, invalid email records, and disengaged leads

The use of Strength with Validity will give marketers more confidence in their inbox placement, greater control over data quality, and the ability to execute a digital-leaning marketing strategy without needing to invest thousands of dollars in untested software. More than that, they’ll get the peace of mind knowing they’re executing their email marketing programs with accuracy and precision.

To get started, visit the Strength with Validity website for more details on each offering and to request your access to the tools today.

We’re with you every step of the way.

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