Litmus Wins Email Hero Award for Most Innovative Campaign

Being email experts, it’s no surprise Litmus knows how to create an innovative and engaging campaign. However, the team at Litmus went above and beyond with their recent newsletter. Not only did they generate amazing campaign results, but also impressed subscribers so much that some reached out directly to complement them on the campaign.  

To discover the story behind this innovative campaign, we interviewed the team at Litmus, including Alice Li, principal email engineer; Jaina Mistry, email marketing manager; Lily Worth, email design and production specialist; and Heather Moran, director of email marketing. 

What were the goals of this particular campaign?  

Our goal was to showcase the talents of our team by providing a newsletter experience inspiring to our subscribers and shows off what can be accomplished in email. We wanted to drive traffic to our blog, keep Litmus at top of mind for customers, and position Litmus as thought leaders and trusted advisors within the industry.   

Did you face any challenges along the way?  

We wanted to ensure the email rendered beautifully for all our subscribers, whether  they were reading email on their mobile or desktop, or if they had interactive CSS support. To do this, we needed to create a fallback experience for those who can’t see the animation that was still valuable and engaging. From a design perspective, the limitations of our new animation technique required us to keep imagery and the overall email size to a minimum.   

What were your campaign results?  

This campaign had read rate of 56% and our forward rate was 25%  greater than the previous month’s newsletter—showing our audience was actively sharing this and growing our reach. We also saw increases in engagement on our other channels. On the day the email sent, blog traffic was 40% higher than average, and there was a 92% increase in signups for Litmus Weekly, which we featured in this campaign. We even had customers and subscribers emailing us directly to tell us how much they enjoyed the email.   

How did you achieve these results?  

The company culture at Litmus focuses on the freedom to innovate, so we were excited to tackle this challenge. To create an experience that would vary depending on whether the email client supported interactive CSS, our team developed an interactive switcher that toggles between “Lights On” and “Lights Off” styles in inboxes supporting interactive CSS.  

The default noninteractive view was first coded in “Lights Off” mode to ensure most of the audience would be able to experience the Halloween-themed animated PNGs. We then built the “Lights On” version to adjust colors and hide the animated PNG graphics when the switcher is toggled for inboxes supporting interactive CSS. We also included features like hover effects and transitions for an extra bit of micro-interaction flair. The animation techniques in this email are more commonly used in web and app design, so we went through a great deal of trial and error to make sure they worked in an email setting. 

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