Razer Wins Email Hero Award for Best Offer Email

Subscribers inboxes are constantly flooded with offer emails, particularly during the winter holiday rush. It takes a savvy email team to not only create an email that stands out, but also one nearly doubling year-over-year revenue from the email channel.  

To understand what went into this award-winning offer email, we interviewed Shannon Chua, digital marketing specialist at Razer.   

What were the goals of this particular campaign? 
During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period, we sent a series of emails to drive traffic to our website and increase conversions to maximize sales.  

Did you face any challenges along the way? 
Our greatest challenge was to increase our email visibility within the inbox and vie for subscribers’ attention against the other brands. As we intended to send multiple promotional emails over the short sales period, we were also concerned our email might be categorized as spam, impacting our deliverability and sender reputation.  

What were your campaign results? 
While we were expecting sales during this busy period, this email exceeded our expectations. Compared to our previous year’s Black Friday email, which had already performed well, this email brought forth even greater results. This campaign generated an increase in open rate of 14% and an increase in email revenue of 89% compared to the previous year.   

How did you achieve these results? 
Through utilizing the various Return Path by Validity tools, we were able to monitor our deliverability and customer engagement. By optimizing send times and subject lines as well as conducting inbox preview tests, we were able to increase our inbox placement and sender reputation.  

Not only were we able to prevent our emails from being recognized by mailbox providers as spam, but we also used metrics from our previous year’s Black Friday email campaign, coupled with Email Client Monitor, to analyze our subscribers’ engagement and adapt our content to best appeal to them.  

 Click here for our complete list of winners. Want to learn more about how Razer optimized their email program? Check out their case study here

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