Validity for Good: Looking Out for Those Looking Out for Us

Email is one of the most powerful and easy channels to use to reach recipients with critically important messaging. In more carefree situations, people expect timely emails to reset passwords or confirm orders. But today, email is used to share safety notifications with people around the globe, and is instrumental in keeping entire populations protected and informed.

Today we are announcing Validity for Good, a program extending free access to Return Path Certification to government entities and organizations providing services deemed necessary in combating the coronavirus.

Return Path Certification is the industry’s most respected and effective email delivery certification service, increasing the likelihood messages are routed into the inbox rather than filtered into spam or worse, not delivered at all.

Data we’re seeing makes it clear this service is vitally needed. According to real-time research conducted by Validity, in the past two weeks COVID-19 messages have been taking over email:

  • More than 14% of COVID-19 related emails are caught by spam filters
  • Complaint rates for COVID-19 related marketing emails are steadily on the rise

With the sharp increase in email volume about the coronavirus, filters can be especially sensitive to pre-filtering those messages to create a better experience for the user. Unfortunately, algorithms’ lack of emotional context makes it difficult to send truly essential messages with the confidence they’ll actually reach the inbox.

We’re confident this service will better ensure important messages are delivered promptly. That way, essential organizations can educate people to make safe choices.

If you’re an essential organization or government entity sending email related to COVID-19, get started with Validity for Good by applying for the program here.

You’re spending your time looking out for us. It’s our turn to look out for you.

Watch our new video to better understand why Validity for Good is important to our mission:

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