How to Avoid Digital Marketing Fatigue

Are you finding it difficult to keep customers engaged with your messaging? While the loss of subscribers over time is inevitable, you need to identify ways that can help minimize this churn. It is critical to know at what point customers will fatigue and have a strategy to re-engage them.

Tenure & Fatigue Analysis

The degree of marketing fatigue depends on numerous factors, such as the industry, the segment, the type of emails and campaigns, and of course, the individual consumer as well. Many people have their inbox flooded, while there are others who don’t.

At Trendline, tenure and fatigue analysis is a critical part of effective messaging. We look at the changes in messaging metrics over the length of the tenure and compare active, inactive, and lapsed customers. We also compare differences in campaign metrics based on tenure lengths (how long the customers have been subscribed), how often the customers interact with messaging, and the demographics of the customer groups.

By segmenting your subscriber base, you can see whether certain types of campaigns are more consistent in maintaining engagement through the tenure length or whether certain customers remain interested longer than others. Overall, tenure and fatigue analysis helps identify ‘low-hanging fruit’ to target and helps reveal which campaigns have consistently high engagement. By identifying those inactive or lapsed subscribers, you can create a treatment plan that focuses on re-engaging these lapsed subscribers.

Re-engagement Campaigns

According to a study by Salesforce, 63% of surveyed marketers said that re-engagement campaigns are “very effective.” And a study by Return Path found that 45% of recipients who received win-back emails read subsequent messages. By sending your inactive subscribers a re-engagement email or series, you’ll learn who’s still interested in your brand, and you may even generate some immediate sales. The worst-case scenario is that you may have to remove inactive subscribers from your list. However, this is also a positive because keeping inactive subscribers on your list can hurt the deliverability of your email programs overall.

What Tenure & Fatigue Analysis Can Teach You

Trendline’s tenure & fatigue analysis provides a detailed look at the tenure of subscribers in order to provide a visual and easy-to-comprehend analysis of key trends. By providing tenure curves, a breakdown of active/inactive subscribers, and an overview of fatigue/churn rates and overlaying past email results, you can gain key insights that can help optimize your subscriber engagement. Takeaways can include:

  • Insights that can help optimize and increase engagement
  • More purposeful ways to deploy emails
  • Insights to help create a more effective email life cycle that factors in changes over time

While the engagement funnel always has leaks, with detailed analysis, these leaks can be minimized for an efficient and effective email program. Learn more about Trendline’s Strategic Services.

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