Maximizing Email Marketing For Your Clients Webinar Recap

Maximizing Email Marketing For Your Clients Webinar Recap

Maximizing Email Marketing For Your Clients Webinar Recap

Featuring Kickbox + Campaign Monitor

Originally aired on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Faced with a changing marketplace, agencies that leverage email marketing are under more pressure to do more with less for their clients. The current market volatility, along with increased competition from other agencies and increased in-house marketing capabilities compel agencies to not only make marketing dollars stretch further, but also prove their unique value to their clients.

We teamed up with Campaign Monitor to collect our best practices that agencies and third parties can apply in times of uncertainty to increase their efficiency in their email marketing and make a bigger impact for their clients.

We also provided expert analysis on these best practices as applied in the real-world by Bluetent, a full-service agency that has helped to deliver maximum value to over 400 companies through digital and email marketing.

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Check out the full study and video break-down of the results during our latest webinar with Campaign Monitor by downloading them here:

Maximizing Email Marketing For Your Clients Webinar Recap

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