LiveIntent Podcast: What Does the Change in Email Behavior Mean for Marketers?

I join Kerel Cooper and Nick Dujnic, co-hosts of LiveIntent’s Real Time Banter podcast, to talk about how email behavior has changed during the coronavirus pandemic and what those changes mean for marketers.

Watch to hear insights on:

  • How content consumption has changed during the pandemic
  • How email behaviors like open times have changed
  • Where some brands have gone wrong with mobile-friendliness
  • How email has once again silenced the “email is dead” crowd
  • How consumer product loyalties are up for grabs
  • Why CPG brands need to build their owned audiences
  • The need for product-maker and retailers to inspire and educate their audiences
  • How list grown has been challenged during the pandemic
  • The need to regularly audit your automated emails
  • The concerns about ad adjacencies

>> Listen to the podcast on LiveIntent’s blog

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