Netcore Podcast: There Is Opportunity in Disruption and Email Is the Key

Email marketing has changed in dramatic ways since March. I join Netcore’s Email Unplugged Podcast to speak with Dennis Dayman about these changes and how marketers have responded and what they should think about moving forward.

During our conversation, we talk about:

  • Companies’ coronavirus crisis messaging in mid March and how consumers reacted to them
  • How email engagement, unsubscribe rates, email revenue, and other metrics have been affected by the pandemic
  • How open times have shifted
  • Why personalization, segmentation, and automation will be extra valuable as the economy reopens
  • Why you need to adapt your personas to reflect new behaviors
  • How out-of-stocks are driving lots of new consumer behaviors
  • How you can learn from past systemic shocks like the Great Recession of 2008-09

To hear us explore all of that…

>> Listen to the podcast on Netcore’s blog

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