View Time Optimization by Verizon Media: An Email Marketer’s Must-Have, ONLY from Validity

Email is currently living its best life. How do we know? Because we’ve partnered exclusively with Verizon Media to bring email marketers the next big feature in commercial email, and it’s going to change your whole playbook.

Introducing View Time Optimization (VTO)

The days of analyzing your open data to find the “right” time to bulk-send marketing emails are over. Now, Validity for Email customers will be able to use VTO exclusively. Designed to increase engagement between brands, customers, and prospects, VTO determines the optimal time to deliver messages to Verizon Media mailboxes, which includes Yahoo, AOL,, and Netscape Mail. Simply put, with VTO, emails to your existing subscribers won’t be delivered until they are active in their inbox, and when the emails are sent, they’ll head straight to one of the top spots.

If there was ever a time to take your email deliverability to the next level, it’s now. As a Validity for Email customer, you’ll benefit from both VTO’s advanced technology, putting your emails in prime positions in Verizon Media inboxes, as well as the access you’ll have to metrics you need to improve your reputation and email performance across all mailbox providers.

What does this mean for senders? The likelihood of your email being read and engaged with increases significantly. And for consumers, VTO will help organize a consumer’s inbox to reduce email noise, reduce non-relevant emails, and deliver an overall better experience.

This is a game-changer. The average consumer inbox is constantly bombarded with commercial messages, and studies by the Content Marketing Institute concur. In fact, the Institute found 87% of email received is commercial in nature, and because people get so much, they often don’t even take the time to hit delete.

The fact is clear: Recipients are more likely to open your email if it arrives while they are actively looking at their inbox, putting it at the forefront of their minds.

VTO takes the guessing out of Send Time Optimization (STO)

In the past, the closest thing marketers had to VTO was STO, which analyzes the data from email service providers and deliverability platforms, like Validity (and our core products Return Path and 250ok), or third-party tools to determine the best times at which to send their marketing mail. Unfortunately, STO doesn’t ensure email is delivered at the exact moment a user is checking their inbox but instead suggests a likely time people read their email. VTO is privacy-first and uses a simple queuing mechanism that’s triggered when users access their inboxes, rather than relying on customer engagement data to recommend a send time.

With VTO, your messages appear when the user logs in. No more guessing.

Don’t just take our word for it. New customers can take advantage of 2 million VTO emails for a limited time as part of the introductory package.

Ready to own the inbox? Let’s get started with a demo.

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