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Gmail is Not Maliciously Filtering Political Email


That’s it, that’s the blog. Kidding, though only kind-of. Email marketers cringed this week when Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, was asked by not one, but two US Representatives why their email is filtered into the spam folder rather than into (presumed) constituents’ inboxes. This is not a new question for anyone in the business of sending email, nor are the concerns about “political bias…

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What to Look for with a Free Email Marketing Service


Email marketing is the most efficient way to communicate and build a relationship with your audience. It allows you to speak with them directly through their inbox, at a time that’s convenient for them.  Email marketing is such a valuable tool for small businesses, in fact, 79% of small business owners say email marketing is important to their success. Did you know that email marketing…

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10 Dos and Don’ts to Get Personalization Right


Personalization rules the email world these days, or so it seems.  Personalization is the magic key that gets more email delivered, viewed, and acted on, and all that activity means more sales, higher revenue, and better deliverability, right? We even have personalization platforms that make creating 1:1 emails as easy as clicking a few buttons.  But not everybody agrees. In December 2019, research firm Gartner…

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Webinar on Aug. 4: Keep Optimizing Email Marketing Expert Panel


As a follow-up to my appearance on the Keep Optimizing Podcast, I’ll be joining host Chloe Thomas on Aug. 4 and July’s other guests to talk about email marketing and answer the question: What should be on your to-do list right now? We’ll be discussing the hot email marketing topics AND answering your email marketing questions, including: How do we capitalize on a lockdown-driven surge…

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Let’s Talk: August vacation


These talks have been wildly successful and I am so excite to talk with all of you and discuss topics of deliverability. When I started them I thought there was some desire for peers to discuss delivery with one another. As they’ve evolved I realize they were not just open discussions but more formal training sessions. This is requiring more prep and structure now and…

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10 Steps to Creating a Landing Page That Converts


You have an awesome  product or service. And you know it adds value to your target audience. All of the marketing research and testing has told you that. Now all you need to do is convince people to choose you over your competition. But how?  A high performing landing page —also referred to as a Lead Page— will help you not only attract new visitors,…

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How to craft a five-star Instagram strategy (in 8 easy steps)


Jump ahead Step #1: Define your Instagram goals Step #2: Get to know your Instagram audience Step #3: Scope out the competition Step #4: Define your Instagram brand Step #5: Review your existing Instagram content and profile Step #6: Plan the content you'll share Step #7: Set up a consistent posting schedule Step #8: Track your progress against your goals Be strategic with your Instagram…

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On-Demand Webinar: Understanding the Mailbox Provider Landscape


The mailbox provider landscape continues to be dynamic, with ongoing unannounced changes to email filtering and reputation algorithms. That means ongoing headaches for email marketers. During this 43-minute on-demand webinar, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s Clea Moore helps lessen the pain of these changes by catching you up on what the major mailbox providers have been up to so you can take action appropriately. She discusses…

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Monetizing Your Web Traffic Has Never Been Easier


Did you know that less than 3% of people who visit your website or landing page for the first time will buy from you?  But, when you build a connection with your audience and learn what interests them, you can send them emails with personalized content that cater to their needs and interests.  Imagine how your business could grow if you were able to communicate…

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Demystifying blocklists


Jump ahead What is a blocklist? Typical reasons for getting blocklisted Lean on your ESP for help How to get removed from a blocklist How to tell if a blocklist is impacting you How to fix the root issues that cause blocklistings Summary   In episode 9 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, my co-host Melissa Lambert and I discuss blocklists and how to recognize if…

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Cool Customer Icelolly Delivers Sizzling Email Performance!


The travel industry is one of the sectors worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis, and this reflected in its email programs. With no inventory to promote, many travel senders either had to suspend activity entirely or come up with creative approaches to help fill the content vacuum. Fortunately, the easing of lockdown restrictions means travel is now exploding back to life, and our “Destination Inbox:…

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Thoughts on Life Without Email Open Rates


Life without open rates? If the new email service has their way, this will be the new normal for email marketers. Even if Hey isn’t successful, the pendulum is swinging toward more online privacy, which may make open rates and other tracking email marketers rely on today extinct. Here’s the thing… I’ve been in the email marketing game long enough to remember BEFORE we…

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Email Authentication: A Powerful Way to Help Get your Emails into the Inbox with DKIM


Getting into the inbox is the foundation of successful email marketing. You can spend hours crafting the perfect message, but if it goes to the spam folder, your subscriber won’t see it.  Mailbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, and others) are always looking for ways to make the email they place in their customers’ inboxes more relevant. With the ever-increasing amount of emails being sent each day,…

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