How RentPath Adjusted Its Email Strategy: A State of Email Live Recap

This week’s State of Email Live webinar welcomed an email marketer on the very edge of the economic and social disruption seen by the world this year. Host Guy Hanson welcomed Shanna Thompson, email marketing manager at RentPath. Shanna provided a clear look at how RentPath, a website designed to match potential renters with their dream homes, pivoted in the face of adversity brought on by quarantine and stay-home orders. Joined by Chris Arrendale of Trendline Interactive, a full-service marketing agency, they provided examples of email strategy changes (plus data illuminating their impact) for our audience.

You can watch the full recording on demand below, but here are a few highlights to whet your appetite.

RentPath added live video tours and online applications to cut down on in-person needs.
Open houses and in-person tours became almost taboo in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but unfortunately, many people still needed to find housing. To accommodate the conditions, RentPath offered additional services to their users to lessen the need to leave their residences to tour new ones. These offerings tied directly into their email marketing strategy.

RentPath added an Apply Now confirmation email to follow video tour requests.
Rather than simply sending an acknowledgement of video tour requests, RentPath took the extra step to send a confirmation email including “Apply Now” in the subject line and provided a link to the online housing application. These emails saw a 3% higher click-through rate, 1% higher open rate, and 7.8% clicked the “Apply Now” button. Further, 41% of those individuals did go on to submit an application.

By streamlining the processes for renters and accommodating the inability to freely walk in and out of rentals on a whim, RentPath created an email strategy that works today, and will likely continue to in the future, as more experiences move entirely online.

For more insight from Shanna, deliverability tips from Chris, and our latest email data from Greg Kimball, watch the video below.

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