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How to survive as an indie musician


The band Throw the Fight began like most bands do – playing in small clubs for “zero people” (unless you count the other bands waiting to go on, the bartender, or maybe the sound guy in the back). “There were so many bad shows,” lead guitarist Ryan Baustert remembers, but those were also the shows where they honed their craft. Even when no one showed…

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How to get more views on YouTube | 5 key strategies that work fast


Jump ahead Focus on YouTube SEO Increase watch time Improve clickthrough rate Encourage engagement Promote your video Get YouTube subscribers to join your email list   Creating valuable video content can take hours, not to mention all the time spent planning and strategizing. So the last thing you want is for your time and effort to go to waste. Which means you need your videos…

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Understanding consumer behavior in COVID-19: How AI can put your brand on the right path


Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in importance in the digital advertising world. According to Forbes, in 2019, the majority of marketers either planned to or used AI in their audience targeting (81%) and in their audience segmentation (80%). And for good reason: AI-supported media allows advertisers to more easily determine whom to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say. Not to…

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Email Deliverability September 2020 [infographic]


This is the sixth email deliverability test we’ve carried out, and, as with every test, it brought quite a few surprises. If you’d like to make a comparison between this test and the previous one, check out our test from February 2020. For those of you who are coming across our tests for the first time, this is something we started doing back in August…

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Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for Me?


It has probably happened to you. You meet a guy at a conference or party who starts talking about himself, and within 15 seconds, you’re looking for an escape. Guess what! The same thing happens when we send an email about our brilliant products or services. However, we don’t even get 15 seconds–we get approximately […] The post Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for…

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Edit your Related Items Without Leaving the Salesforce Record


Hmm…How can I best describe Salesforce’s Related Items? They show me almost what I need, but not the complete list. The records are almost within reach, but not quite. Related Items show me records related to the record I’m on. Seems like the perfect solution, right? Except the Related Items tab only shows six records for each related object, and I have to click “View…

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How to get more YouTube subscribers: 7 top tips from a top YouTuber


Jump ahead Know your audience Create video content your audience will love Promote your videos and grow your subscribers Create your own definition of success Ali Abdaal never set out to build a huge audience on YouTube. In fact, when Ali uploaded his first vlog in mid-2017, he simply wanted to document his final year at Cambridge—and maybe have some fun along the way. “I…

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On-Demand Webinar: The Email Subscriber Lifecycle


To nourish and grow an email relationship, you need to cater to your subscribers’ needs and wants throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle. That means developing tactics to address the major subscriber moments from beginning to end. During this free 44-minute on-demand webinar, I discuss: The six stages of the subscriber lifecycle, from when a visitor or customer signs up for your promotional emails through when…

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All about Gmail: The spam folder, the promotions tab, postmaster tools, and more


Jump ahead All about Gmail The promotions tab is still the inbox Links Stay in touch All about Gmail Gmail has become ubiquitous as the leading mailbox provider. Gmail is also often considered the most advanced in terms of filtering and features among online mailboxes. And with so many users, it’s critical to understand how Gmail thinks about deliverability. Apart from keeping your emails safe,…

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This Week in Commerce: Brittany Nelson, yoga instructor


As the ConvertKit Commerce beta launch continues, we're here for another installment of This Week in Commerce- your insider's peek into how creators like you are using the new tool and updates on what's coming next. How yoga instructor Brittany Nelson uses the ConvertKit Free Plan, ConvertKit Commerce, and a small list to sell their 8-week yoga series The creator: Brittany Nelson is a yoga instructor and…

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2020 Versus 2019: Email Edition


It’s true: These are unprecedented times. It’s annoying, I know, but the fact is, email marketers were faced with challenges never experienced before. From social and civil unrest in the United States to a global pandemic forcing total lockdown in countless countries, selling products via email just didn’t hit the same this year as it did in years past. Or so we assumed. In State…

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Why Are My Emails Going To Spam?


Emails get sent to spam for a wide variety of reasons, with no one-size-fits-all reason or solution, and even the most experienced senders run into occasional inboxing issues. We’ve compiled our list of best practices to outline how to remedy a spam problem. The post Why Are My Emails Going To Spam? appeared first on SendGrid.

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Email Deliverability Unfiltered: Gmail Tabs


For this month's post, we thought you might appreciate having 10 bonafide experts of their craft, people who live in the trenches and eat, sleep, and breathe email deliverability discuss the complexities of Gmail tabs. There seems to be a lot of confusion around Gmail tabs, especially the Promotions tab, and considering Q4 is just around the corner, we felt the need to tackle some…

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Top 10 Signs You’re an Email Geek


You might think calling someone a geek is an insult. However, in the email world, it means you’re a member of a widespread yet close-knit group of developers, marketers, and strategists––all of whom believe in the power of email. There’s one thing you’ll learn quickly as a member of the email community: We help each […] The post Top 10 Signs You're an Email Geek…

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Holiday Email Tips for Marketers During COVID-19


It’s no surprise this year’s biggest shopping season is going to look a little different due to COVID-19 and its impact changing the retail landscape. Many brands have been fighting an uphill battle during this pandemic to stay relevant in the mind of the consumer. In order to adequately plan for a successful holiday shopping season, it’s critical for brands to get ahead of the…

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4 Steps to easily plan your email marketing for holiday promotions


In episode 12 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, Melissa and I discuss the steps you should take today to start preparing for your holiday promotions: How to plan your email marketing for holiday promotions in 4 steps You might think it's too soon to talk about holiday promotions, but for email marketing, the time is now! The holidays often involve the biggest promotions of the…

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