This Week in Commerce: Brittany Nelson, yoga instructor

As the ConvertKit Commerce beta launch continues, we’re here for another installment of This Week in Commerce- your insider’s peek into how creators like you are using the new tool and updates on what’s coming next.

How yoga instructor Brittany Nelson uses the ConvertKit Free Plan, ConvertKit Commerce, and a small list to sell their 8-week yoga series

The creator:

Brittany Nelson is a yoga instructor and intuitive healer at @musingsofayogi where she teaches classes, gives readings and hosts group immersions and programs. She’s also a writer by trade – and loves creating new content, music and ideas.


Brittany Nelson is a writer/yoga instructor who uses ConvertKit Commerce.
Brittany Nelson uses ConvertKit Commerce to sell her 8-week yoga series.

The product:

Medicine Yoga

A ConvertKit Commerce product page selling a yoga series
A ConvertKit Commerce product page selling a yoga series

The results

[ConvertKit Commerce is] easy to use – clean – simple – and I’m loving the support I am getting from the team!

Using my own content, I was able to generate my first sale from someone outside my community. I love this platform and am thrilled you are offering this commerce tool.

I am waiting to build a website, so I use my Instagram portfolio as my storefront. Usually I use venmo/paypal for sales but it makes customers have to go through many steps to make a purchase and there’s sometimes back-and-forth. I love how simple it is to make a purchase!

As a Free Plan user and someone with a small list (43 email subscribers), Brittany is already making money on her product without having to spend money on any paid tool.

I’ve made one sale so far: $125 sale! This gave me hope and was a surprise…giving me momentum to keep promoting it and getting creative with my content marketing strategy.

-Brittany Nelson

What’s next in ConvertKit Commerce

ConvertKit Commerce Roadmap

  • Support for downloadable files (ebooks, presets, zip files, etc)
  • Available for US creators only
  • Support for credit card payments
  • Mobile-friendly buyer experience
  • Embed products as a button in a website or share your product page link
  • Recurring payments
  • Expand Commerce support for Canada & UK
  • Discount codes
  • Partial refunds
  • Customizing the receipt page
  • Support for paying through Apple Pay & PayPal
  • Introduce product variants/versions (e.g. multiple packages)
  • Expanding to additional countries


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