Coming Soon: Deliver Web Push Notifications with AWeber!

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We couldn’t wait to tell you, so we’re spilling the beans a tad earlier than usual…

Soon, AWeber customers will have access to Web Push Notification functionality, in addition to AWeber’s powerfully-simple email marketing and landing page solutions.

We’re feverishly finishing up development and testing with a small group to make sure everything is buttoned up so you can hit the ground running when web push notifications are ready.  

Read on to learn about web push notifications and sign up to get notified when they are available in your account. We can’t wait to bring you a new way to communicate with your audience and grow your business. 

What are web push notifications?  

Web push notifications are a real-time way to engage people with your business’ products or services. Think of them as triggered alerts for web browsing.  When a web push notification subscriber is browsing online, they can receive an offer or message in real time from your business via AWeber.  

Web push notification subscribers do not need to be in their inboxes or on your website to receive the notification — they just need to be online. This gives you another way to reach your audience where they are and talk to them about what they’re most interested in. 

Why do I need web push notifications?

Web push notifications let you communicate with your audience beyond their inbox.  But, there are tons of benefits to incorporating web push notifications into a comprehensive marketing strategy

Not only do web push notifications allow subscribers to opt-in to receive notifications with ease, they’re a valuable tool to increase web traffic to your business. Plus, web push notifications are praised for their high delivery rates and click-through rates among industry experts.

What’s next? 

We’re super excited to extend our powerfully-simple small business marketing solution beyond just email marketing and landing pages to now include Web Push Notifications. We know you all will love it and use it in amazing ways.

So if you’d like to be notified when Web Push Notifications from AWeber are ready inside your account, sign up below and we’ll be in touch.  

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