Retail Renaissance – Marketing’s Tectonic Plates Are Shifting!

“Renaissance” is a French word meaning “rebirth.” We think of it particularly as the period in European history that saw the transition from the Middle Ages to Modernity, and which was marked by a revival of classical learning and wisdom.

As we emerge blinking into the daylight from the darkness of the pandemic lockdown, it definitely feels like Emarsys has captured the zeitgeist with their upcoming Retail Renaissance digital event (September 15 to 17, 2020). In their own words:

“We’re in the face of the worst economic recession in ages prompted by Coronavirus. But it is in destruction that opportunity lies, and it’s through this disarray that we feel inspired — to spread ideas, to revamp old, outdated marketing models, and to create an interactive forum for knowledge sharing.”

As a strategic global partner of Emarsys, we’re in absolute agreement and we are delighted to be playing a big part in Retail Renaissance. Earlier this year, we produced research around the channel-leading role email marketing plays in generating traffic to retail websites. At Retail Renaissance we’ll be showcasing more global marketing success stories from our customers, our partners, and even ourselves, as we have solved complex customer data and engagement challenges.

Here’s a taster!

  • Speaking personally, it’s going to be a real pleasure to share a Customer Data slot with Steve Henderson, Emarsys’s head of global deliverability. We’ve known each other for many years, both professionally and through the DMA email council, and we’ve had many animated discussions about email marketing, data quality, and consumer privacy!This time we’re going to be talking about data quality’s role as the foundation stone for any successful marketing program. Better data means better relationships…which ultimately means better ROI. We’ll chat about key drivers for improved data quality, deliverability, and customer engagement.Steve and I will also present “hot off the press” joint analysis showcasing how these drivers can be harnessed to deliver a 35% uplift in email program performance. Don’t miss it — block your calendars on Wednesday, September 16 at 16h30 (BST). Sign up here.
  • From Australia, Tunc Bolluk will re-visit Customer Data, hosting a panel discussion with Simon Burrett from Harris Scarfe and Charles Guillard from Emarsys. They’ll talk about noise cancelling marketing—how to get your email marketing to cut through the inbox hubbub — on Thursday, September 17 at 15h00 (AEST). Sign up here.
  • In the Customer Engagement stream, Loïc Péron will be joined by Anaïs Lao from Studios Mercurya to fly the flag for France as they talk about email marketing KPIs and how to use them to boost performance and customer engagement. They will be presenting on September 17 at 14h00 (CET). Sign up here.

Our sessions are linked by a common theme of “Retail Reimagined and Reinvented” — marketing’s tectonic plates are shifting beneath us as we speak. Many now speak of a “new normal” and we’re definitely seeing an emergence of innovative technologies and shifting consumer expectations. At Validity, we’re on the leading edge of this renaissance, and we’re really excited to be sharing our knowledge and expertise at such a great event.

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