Do’s and don’ts of growing your audience

In episode 19 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, Melissa and I discuss the ways that you should and shouldn’t grow your list:

Do's and Don'ts of Growing Your Audience

List collection has a major impact on deliverability

Everyone in the email world wants more subscribers – that’s a given. But how you go about getting those people on your list can have a major impact on your email deliverability, which, in turn, affects all your other email metrics.

In this episode, we’re discussing some best practices on how to grow your list effectively so you don’t get penalized for having subscribers on your list that don’t want to be there. We’ll also give you some tactics to avoid when trying to boost your numbers.

These guidelines will help you grow your list without running into deliverability fallout from poor list collection methods.

Ways you can grow your email list

  • Through a signup form on your website or a landing page
  • Providing a link in your Instagram bio with an email signup
  • Adding an optional step to sign up during the purchase process
  • Physical signups (like at merch table, event, etc.)
  • Offering an email course or challenge that people sign up for

Ways you shouldn’t grow your email list

  • Purchased, shared, or scraped lists
  • Adding personal or LinkedIn contacts (ask them to sign up first)
  • Using trade show lists
  • Adding subscribers by doing giveaways
  • Any list collection method where the subscriber didn’t consent to receive your emails directly or were forced to provide their email


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