Freshworks Pricing (Formerly Freshsales) – What Do You Get?

Freshworks CRM offers three different plans: Customer-For-Life, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The first is a kind of amalgamation of the Sales and Marketing Cloud, with an increased contact allowance. Within these three plans, you’ll have three tiers to choose from: Growth, Pro and Enterprise.

To be honest, it’s not entirely clear how each plan differs as there is such a long list of features to sift through, and you can’t see them alongside one another.

But maybe that’s why you’re here? In which case, read on to find out if it’s worth paying that bit extra for the Customer-For-Life plan and what exactly you’ll get for your money.

How Much Does Freshworks CRM Cost?

The Marketing Cloud is the most affordable of the three plans, with prices starting at $19/user/month. The Sales Cloud and Customer-For-Life plan start at $29/month per user, but the latter is slightly more expensive for the Pro and Enterprise tiers (Pro: $69 compared to $59; Enterprise: $125 compared to $99). There is also a Forever Free plan available.

Freshworks Pricing And Plans Side-by-Side

Customer-For-LifeSales Cloud Marketing Cloud
Growth$29 (1000 contacts)$29$19 (500 contacts)
Pro$69 (3000 contacts)$59$29 (500 contacts)
Enterprise$125 (5000 contacts)$99$99 (500 contacts)
Note: All plans are billed annually. 

Freshsales Pricing: What Changed When They Changed the Name?

Freshworks CRM used to be called Freshsales, and the pricing was slightly different. All plans allowed for unlimited contacts and there were 4 paid plans which ranged from $19/user/month to $79. You still had to commit to the entire year and there was also a free plan available, like there is now. The new pricing model is reminiscent of all-in-one sales and marketing tools like HubSpot, which implies Freshworks is picking up its game.

Freshworks Feature Comparison (Pro Plan)

There’s quite a difference in price between the Pro tier of the Marketing Cloud and the Customer-for-life cloud. However, there isn’t much of a jump from the Sales cloud to the all-in one plan. For just $10/month per user more you can benefit from both sales and marketing features, for example, web tracking, automation, lists and segments. Take a look below to see how their features compare:

Customer-For-LifeSales CloudMarketing Cloud
Live chatYesYesYes
Built in phone & emailYesYesNo
2-way email syncYesNoNo
Custom domains10No10
Marketing journeys/automation20No20
Advanced custom fields YesNoNo
Product catalogYesYesNo
Mobile appYesYesNo
Web forms & website trackingYesNoYes
Freshdesk integration (customer service tickets)YesYesNo
Lists & segmentsYesNoYes
WhatsApp & Apple Business ChatYesYesYes

What’s missing?

I was quite surprised to see that none of the plans included a built-in calendar for booking appointments. If you need this software, I’d recommend you take a look at our top scheduling apps.

Unfortunately, marketing transactional emails are reserved for the Marketing Cloud Enterprise tier, and at $99/month per user that’s quite a lot to pay considering that the contact allowance stays at 500 contacts. I’d recommend checking out these email marketing services.

There are plenty of add-ons you can purchase, though depending on your needs, this can get pricey pretty quickly (see below).

Is Freshworks CRM Free?

Freshworks does offer a Forever Free plan with limited features. It also has a 21-day free trial available to test out its more advanced features.

The Free plan includes 10 users and 10000 records (leads, contacts, accounts and deals), built-in phone and email and basic lead scoring. It also allows you to integrate with Freshdesk, where you can manage customer service tickets.

Be aware that no reports are available in the free plan, and you won’t have access to the sales funnel view in the Deals section. Find out how it compares to other providers’ free CRM plans.


Phone credits (Available on Customer-for-Life and Sales Cloud):

Starting from $25

Email marketing contacts (Available on Customer-for-Life and Marketing Cloud):

$100/month for 5,000 contacts

$200/month for 10,000 contacts

$400/month for 20,000 contacts

Workflows (Available on Customer-for-Life and Sales Cloud):

10 workflows/month for $10

WhatsApp Business (Available on all plans):


Conversion Rate Optimization (Available on Customer-for-Life Cloud and Marketing Cloud Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans)

$219 for 10,000 monthly unique visitors

$279 for 40,000 monthly unique visitors

$329 for 70,000 monthly unique visitors

Dedicated IP (Available on Customer-for-Life Cloud and Marketing Cloud Enterprise plan)


Freshworks Pricing Conclusion

Compared to other CRM solutions for small businesses, Freshworks is a fairly reasonably priced product with a good range of features. It’s a real benefit to be able to use its ticketing service, Freshdesk, and built-in phone.

If you’re thinking about signing up to the Sales Cloud plan, then it’s worth jumping straight onto the Customer-For-Life Cloud, as you’ll get tons more features to help your business grow.

The free trial lets you try out the advanced features for 21 days, so I’d recommend you do so before you commit, as you’ll be billed annually.

Try Freshworks for free!



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