This Week in Commerce: How a trauma therapist used ConvertKit Commerce to earn over $3k with 3 products in 1 month

As the ConvertKit Commerce beta launch continues, we’re here for another installment of This Week in Commerce– your insider’s peek into how creators like you are using the new tool and updates on what’s coming next.

How a trauma therapist uses ConvertKit Commerce to make their sales process seamless

The creator:

Guy Macpherson headshot
Guy Macpherson, PhD, is a husband, a father of two, and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has spent the last several years studying the impact and treatment of trauma, and early psychosis.

In 2014, while working at a clinic in Northern California, assessing and treating young individuals with early psychosis, Guy founded The Trauma Therapist Project with the goals of raising the awareness of trauma and creating an educational and supportive community for new trauma workers.

The Trauma Therapist Project has now grown to include The Trauma Therapist | Podcast, now being listened to in more than 160 countries around the world, as well as Trauma Therapist | 2.0, an online membership community specifically dedicated to educating and inspiring trauma workers just starting out on their trauma-informed journey.

Guy’s focus currently is on creating a vibrant, global community to support, educate, and inspire new trauma workers.

The product:

Podcasting for Mental Health Workers

Guy uses ConvertKit Commerce to sell their podcast workshop.
Guy uses ConvertKit Commerce to sell their podcast workshop.

The results:

With only three products live, Guy has earned over $3k in sales for his podcast workshop.

As I was putting together the different funnel pages for my workshop I knew (as I’m sure everyone does) that I wanted the flow to be as seamless as possible. I especially wanted the sales process to be easy and simple.

Being able to integrate the sales process (via ConvertKit Commerce) with the emails I was sending out was a no-brainer for me. It’s made the marketing of my workshop that much easier, and honestly, it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. It’s done a lot of the work for me, and quite frankly, the pages look awesome.

Prior to using Convertkit Commerce I was sending my customers to a PayPal link. It was working, but it was definitely a bit clumsy. Now, not only is the process seamless by the process is integrated right there with my emails, but the pages come out looking super clean and beautiful.

-Guy Macpherson

What’s next in ConvertKit Commerce

ConvertKit Commerce Roadmap


  • Support for downloadable files (ebooks, presets, zip files, etc)
  • Available for US creators only
  • Support for credit card payments
  • Mobile-friendly buyer experience
  • Embed products as a button in a website or share your product page link


  • Recurring payments
  • Expand Commerce support for Canada & UK
  • Discount codes
  • Partial refunds
  • Customizing the receipt page


  • Support for paying through Apple Pay & PayPal
  • Introduce product variants/versions (e.g. multiple packages)
  • Expanding to additional countries

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