Pipedrive CRM – Is it Right For me?

With the recent announcement that Pipedrive is now officially a unicorn startup (as they are valued at more than $1 billion), we thought it was a good time to review the software with a fine tooth comb.

Since its conception in Estonia in 2010, Pipedrive CRM has been growing exponentially. It now operates in 8 different countries and is used by over 90,000 companies worldwide.

With the tagline: ‘Designed to keep you selling’, the product sounds pretty appealing to CEOs and sales agents. But how well does the Pipedrive CRM software actually perform and is it right for your business?

In this Pipedrive CRM review we’re going to look at everything from getting set up to the customer support available, so you can take the decision to sign up (or not) with all the information in mind.

Pipedrive CRM Summary

In a nutshell, Pipedrive CRM is an affordable and easy to use cloud tool with a good range of features and customization options. Prices range from $15/month/user (Essentials plan) to $99 (Enterprise plan). The Advanced plan ($29/month/user) includes features such as two-way email sync, customizable email templates, email open and click tracking and automation workflows, making it the best plan for growing businesses.

Pipedrive CRM: Pros and Cons

  • Easy to Use: The software is well designed and easy to navigate – even for complete beginners!
  • Affordable: Prices start from $15/month/user and go up incrementally, making it an affordable service for small businesses.
  • Pipeline Management: You’re given unlimited pipelines and properties to help with the organization of your sales process.
  • Support: Pipedrive CRM provides support via chat and email around the clock on all plans.
  • 2-Way Syncing: Syncing with your email client (e.g. Gmail) is reserved for higher plans. The workaround (see below) is a bit clunky.
  • No Email Marketing: This is not a feature that Pipedrive offers, whereas some other CRM tools do.
  • Leads & Contacts Not Separated: When you create a new deal, the person associated with that deal immediately becomes a new lead, even though you might simply want to keep them as a contact.
  • No free plan: Unfortunately, Pipedrive doesn’t have a free plan. Though you can try the software out for free for 30 days.

When to Use Pipedrive CRM

I’d recommend using Pipedrive CRM to those looking specifically for a tool to help them manage their sales process. Its clean design means that beginners will find it easy to navigate and make the most of the features available without getting overwhelmed.

When Not to Use Pipedrive CRM

If you’re looking for a free CRM then I’m afraid Pipedrive won’t be for you. Instead, check out HubSpot or Freshworks – though bear in mind that their free plans come with their own limitations. Also, if you’re in need of an all in one sales and marketing service, Pipedrive is lacking marketing features such as email marketing.

Pipedrive CRM Rating Details

We have given Pipedrive a rating out of 5 (5 being the highest).

Ease of UseSimple, intuitive interface – a great software for beginners
Pipeline ManagementUnlimited customizable pipelines with drag and drop technology
Contact/Deal Management4starsAdd notes, tasks, additional information, files and invoices to each contact/deal/organization. Unlimited properties. The fact that it doesn’t distinguish between a contact and a lead isn’t ideal
Email FeaturesSyncing with your email client is reserved for higher plans. Group emailing and templates available on higher plans. No email marketing
AutomationWorkflow automations available on Advanced plan and above
Reporting4starsCustomizable reports and dashboard. Additional features on higher-tier plan
Lead ScoringSmart contact data (from web and social sources) is available on the Advanced plan and higher, though a score is not generated
Live ChatAvailable with its LeadBooster add-on for $39/company/month. If you’re not interested in the other tools that come with this add-on, it’s quite a lot extra to pay for live chat – I recommend checking out these tools.
Web TrackingThis is available through another add-on, which will cost you an extra $49/month
Security4starsTwo-factor authentication login and user access restrictions and logs on the Essential plan. Professional plan comes with a security dashboard, rules and alerts.
LanguagesAvailable in 16 different languages, though support languages are more limited
Integrations & Apps150+ integrations with email marketing platforms such as ActiveCampaign and lead generation tools. Mobile app available
SupportExtensive knowledge base, courses, chat and email support around the clock on all plans
Plans & Pricing4starsAffordable prices but no free plan
Overall Rating4stars


Pipedrive fulfills its promise to help users visualize their sales processes and get more done. It is easy to use whilst still offering a good deal of functionality

Ease of Use

In the past, CRM software was notoriously difficult to use, plus you had to install the software on your computer, adding an extra layer of complexity. Nowadays, much of the software we use is in the cloud, meaning all you need to do is sign up for a CRM service and log in.

Of course, there is a set-up process with any cloud tool, but at least in the case of Pipedrive, this is very simple. You’ll be taken through a 7-step set-up process, which involves things like importing your data and syncing your email and your calendar – you can also skip anything you’re not ready to do.

Pipedrive has clearly invested resources into designing a user-friendly product. The dashboard, which features your sales pipeline, is well laid out and pretty intuitive even for complete CRM novices.

Customizing the dashboard is a simple affair and you can easily change the names of the pipeline columns to reflect your sales process. The fact that you can drag and drop deals between the various stages of the sales cycle makes everything so much quicker, and almost fun. You also have various views (pipeline, list and forecast). The list view is great if you want to perform a bulk action like moving multiple deals over to the completed column, for example. Pipedrive crm pipeline

Pipedrive CRM – List View

In general, I find Pipedrive’s interface very intuitive and easy to navigate. It doesn’t overwhelm you with options and it makes it easy to get a holistic view of your leads, deals and completed sales. Sometimes CRM software can feel clunky and overwhelming due to the number of options available, but I feel Pipedrive has struck the right balance between ease of use and functionality.

Customization and Pipeline Management

The Pipedrive CRM software comes with a host of customization options. As I mentioned above, you can edit and arrange your pipeline columns to best reflect your sales process, plus you can add custom fields and colored labels to deals in order to help you better visualize a particular detail or characteristic.

Pipedrive deals

Pipedrive CRM – Sales Pipeline

You’ll have unlimited pipelines and properties to play with, a search bar and, on the Professional plan and up, you’ll be able to add multiple dashboards.

Within each deal, contact or organization, you can see any actions taken, plus you can add any notes, tasks, additional information, files and invoices. Having everything collated like this means that you can stay super organized and on top of hot and at risk leads.

One thing that companies might not find ideal is that Pipedrive CRM does not separate leads from contacts. When you begin a new deal, the person associated with that deal becomes a new contact and thus a new lead. What can occur here is that you end up with a lot of ‘leads’ that aren’t actually qualified as possible customers.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the customization options available to Pipedrive users, as everything is pretty self explanatory. The fact that you have unlimited pipelines and properties (custom fields) will be a great advantage to larger businesses who want to separate their different services.

Email Integration

The joy of using a CRM is that it integrates with your existing email client and everything syncs up on both sides. Though you are able to do so with Pipedrive – therefore allowing you to track email opens and clicks – this feature is reserved for those on its Advanced plan ($29/month/user). If you’re using Outlook and Gmail, HubSpot allows you to integrate for free on its free CRM plan.

What you can do is include your unique company email address

(i.e. emailtooltester@pipedrivemail.com) to the BCC field and these conversations will be sent to your Pipedrive inbox where they’ll automatically be linked to the relevant contacts and deals.

A nice feature is its group email options and templates. You can send the same email to up to 100 contacts and save any emails as templates to use again in future conversations, which will save you a ton of time.

As Pipedrive is primarily made for sales teams, it doesn’t include email marketing, however, you can easily integrate with a third-party service. So long as your contacts are below a certain number or you’ll be sending just a few emails, you may be able to benefit from a free email marketing service.


The reports are easy to read and customizable – you can also choose what appears on your dashboard. It’s possible to search by a specific time period or by user, meaning you can see exactly how each sales agent is performing.

Sharing reports couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is send them the link to your dashboard. What doesn’t appear to be possible is sharing an individual report via a link.

You’ll have one dashboard, unless you’re on the Professional plan ($59/month/user), in which case you’ll be allowed to set up an unlimited number of reporting dashboards. Another advantage of the Professional plan is that a revenue forecast will be generated for you.

Pipedrive reports

Pipedrive CRM – Reports

Integrations and Apps

Pipedrive offers plenty of direct integrations with popular cloud tools – over 150 in fact!

If it’s missing a particular app you need, there is an open API configuration to facilitate a connection with third-party services, and the option to integrate with Zapier.

A mobile app is available for download on both Android and iOS, though I haven’t tested this out.

What Support Does Pipedrive CRM Offer?

Pipedrive CRM provides support via chat and email around the clock on all plans, as well as an extensive knowledge base, a number of courses and a fairly active community.

When I’ve gotten in touch with them with a question the support agent has always been very helpful.

I should also mention that the product supports 16 languages, which is great for international teams.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive’s prices are fairly straightforward: you’ll pay according to the features you need and the number of users you require. The fact that you can pay for as few just one user is an advantage for solopreneurs or small companies with just one sales agent. Some CRM tools like HubSpot will charge you for multiple users when you might not need them, meaning that prices are much higher from the outset. You can see how Pipedrive and HubSpot’s plans and prices vary in this comparison.


-Customizable pipelines

-Custom fields

-Email inbox


-Calendar and contact sync with Google and Microsoft


-Products catalogue

-Two-way email sync

-Customizable email templates

-Email open and click tracking

-Google Drive/Onedrive integration

-Workflow automation (30)


-Group emailing

-Advanced reporting

-Unlimited dashboards

-Team management

-Security alerts

-Workflow automation (60)


-24/7 customer support via phone

-Workflow automation (100)

Pipedrive’s plans are pretty affordable and are especially attractive for smaller companies who are looking for a software that allows them to scale as they grow.

In terms of which plan to choose, that will depend on which features your business would benefit from. However, the Advanced plan, with its products catalogue, two-way email sync and automations, is a very attractive offering for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Though there’s no free plan available, you can test out the software on its free trial. Discounts are applied if you pay annually.

Pipedrive Alternatives

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use but powerful CRM tool, you’ll also want to look at the alternatives to Pipedrive.

I’d say HubSpot is the most well-known, offering a very generous free CRM plan. What’s not so attractive is the price jump when you move onto a paid plan.

Two other CRM tools to check out are Freshworks and ActiveCampaign CRM. These both offer an interesting mix of sales and marketing features. ActiveCampaign is a particularly good choice for those serious about automation.

Pipedrive CRM: Final Thoughts

In my opinion, and after extensive testing, Pipedrive CRM is an excellent CRM software for small to medium-sized businesses. It has all the features you need to manage your contacts, leads and deals with ease, and it’ll help save you time with its templates, group emails and workflow automation.

In terms of bang for buck, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer a free plan, the prices are very reasonable and on par with other popular CRM tools. For me, the fact that it’s so easy to use is a big plus. Pipedrive removes the complexity that often comes with CRM software, making it a great option for those with little experience.

Try Pipedrive CRM for free for 30 days

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