Bypass the YouTube algorithm with email marketing featuring Ben Schoeffler

With hundreds of big creators monopolizing YouTube, starting a channel from scratch and beating YouTube’s notoriously tricky algorithm is no small feat.

Take it from Ben Schoeffler, a content creator who’s learned a few tricks for bypassing the algorithm with email marketing.

YouTube doesn’t provide the names of your subscribers. So while it may sound counterintuitive, going off YouTube is often the only way to grow your channel and build a relationship with your otherwise mysterious audience.

In this episode, Melissa and Ben discuss why creators should build an audience off-platform, how to grow that audience through email marketing, and how YouTubers can monetize their email list. So stay tuned and don’t let YouTube stop you from owning the audience you built.

How youtubers can grow their audience


(17:54) “If most people are not focused on YouTube like I am, and they’re probably not going to YouTube multiple times a day like I am, the only way they’re going to find your videos is if you reach out and tell them about it. And so, that’s why, it kind of goes full circle here, your email list is important and building up on other platforms is also really important.” ~ @BenSchoeffler

Main Takeaways


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