Cycling Through Trust, Data, and Engagement with WiggleCRC’s Ed Tibbitts

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of messaging relevance and brand trust, and the email channel has been well-positioned. The DMA’s Consumer Email Tracker 2021 (sponsored by Validity) shows relevance is now the leading reason consumers like brand emails, and brand recognition is the top reason consumers open emails.

But how do email programs achieve this? To help answer this question, I was joined by special guest Ed Tibbitts, Customer Journey Manager at online fitness store WiggleCRC, Anna Frigerio, Insight Manager at the DMA, and my Validity colleague Elliot Hogg.

WiggleCRC’s email programs are highly customer-centric. Ed walked us through how his team manages this cycle of trust, engagement, and data.

Being helpful builds trust.

Like many companies, WiggleCRC made an intentional shift towards creating more informative and helpful messaging. Being seen as a reliable and helpful vendor engenders brand trust which, as Ed explained, makes their customers feel more at ease when it comes to sharing personal data. They have successfully introduced new preference centres to harness this increased willingness.

More content, more action.

This meant Ed and his team could start creating even more useful and relevant content, such as tyre-pressure guides for cycling enthusiasts and their Lunchtime Live Q&As with professional athletes. WiggleCRC views email as a two-way communication channel with their customers and believes this is a key reason they see such great engagement.

Don’t undervalue email.

WiggleCRC’s email results speak for themselves, with 100% deliverability across Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo! (courtesy of Validity) underpinning significantly increased open rates and click rates.

But that wasn’t all. Ed noted that your email program’s impact is bigger than you think and benefits other marketing channels across all touchpoints. This organic uplift in cross-channel engagement also means they can spend less on paid media – a big win!

Ed’s success story is so much broader and deeper than just these three points, and I haven’t even touched on Anna and Elliot’s expert insights. Want to get the complete picture and increase the fitness levels of your email program? Watch the full recording below.

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