Email Merit-ocracy: Shared Partnerships, Shared Success

It was a real pleasure to share the virtual stage with Karie Burt and Courtney Cope from MeritB2B at Forrester’s North America B2B Summit. Their company delivers data-first solutions for multi-channel B2B and technology marketers, developing customized programs that are built for growth.

The email channel forms a crucial part of MeritB2B’s performance marketing solutions, but it isn’t without challenges. As Courtney noted, “Email is so dynamic and moves so quickly.” Less than two years ago, their campaigns were largely blocked because of spam traps, high bounce rates, and low engagement. Since then, they’ve been on a journey of improvement that now has them thinking of their sender reputation as a corporate asset!

We discussed some of their most important learnings:

  • Data quality. Karie noted that data flows through their whole organisation and having good data “feeds everything,” including email. They are now in a much better position to remove unwanted records far earlier in the process, and inbox placement is much stronger – and continuing to rise.
  • Performance visibility. Both Karie and Courtney commented about not knowing what you don’t know! They see traditional B2B and B2C merging into a B2P (Business to People) world, with regular consumer/business crossover. It’s a changing landscape with changing behaviours, and using the best tools in the industry to identify the necessary adjustments is crucial to staying successful.
  • Expert partnerships. Courtney noted: “Having expert partners to point out what is important is vital and keeps the relationship strong. Knowing I can tap into Validity’s talent pool of subject matter experts is great!” Karie concurred, adding: “At MeritB2B, we very much value our partnerships. We want to engage with world class leaders that care about customer service and delivering high quality solutions.”

MeritB2B hasn’t just improved their email deliverability. They have grown their intellectual property, positioned themselves as true subject matter experts, and are now using this knowledge to establish genuine competitive advantage. To learn more, watch the full recording of our fabulous Forrester session below.

MeritB2B are upgrading to Validity’s Everest email success platform, and Courtney says she’s “like a kid in the candy store!” Find out why she’s so excited by signing up for a demo today.

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