King for a Day, King for an Email Lifetime

We were joined by Martí Díaz Lorente, Email Marketing Specialist at King, to discuss “How King Unlocked a Treasure Chest of Email Value” for franchises like Candy Crush Saga. Martí was joined by Giuseppe Capuano, his Validity Customer Success Manager.

We discussed the major deliverability challenges King faced less than two years ago and their outstanding improvement journey since then. Key learnings included:

The power of partnership. Martí spoke glowingly about his relationship with Validity. Accreditation with Validity’s Certification program was the foundation for King’s success, and Marti views his relationship with Giuseppe as a genuine partnership. Both talked fondly about their early brainstorming sessions to get to know King’s email audience better, as well as the testing, segmentation, and personalisation these learnings introduced.

Content is King. We analysed the principle of right message, right person, right time. Martí noted the first element is probably most important. If you send good emails, even if they’re to the wrong person at the wrong time, the chances of them still opening your messages increase. This philosophy informed a new approach for King. By acknowledging user individuality and harnessing attributes like location, tenure, game engagement, and email engagement, King was able to start delivering genuinely player-focused communications.

The fishing boat metaphor. Martí likened subscriber engagement to a fishing trip. While a primary objective is catching fresh fish, keeping what’s already been caught in top condition is just as crucial. The same goes for King’s email program. New subscribers are needed to compensate for list churn, but existing engagers require nurturing to maintain high levels of engagement with their games. Martí noted it’s easier to persuade someone to buy again than to buy for the first time.

King’s astounding program optimisation has allowed them to grow program volumes a phenomenal eightfold, while also improving deliverability and generating big uplifts in open and click rates. Want to find out how big? Check out the full recording below to learn more about their “Pillars of Transformation” strategy and the valuable learnings that can be applied to your email program.


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