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Leveraging data to deliver the ultimate customer experience


Due to endless choices, today’s customers have higher expectations of your brand than ever before. Customer experience (CX) pioneers, such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, have all helped condition customers to expect an exceptional experience every time. And then the COVID-19 pandemic came along. Discover the customer journey in action,  design experience around valuable segments, […] The post Leveraging data to deliver the ultimate customer…

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The hardest part of launching a book isn’t the writing—it’s the marketing


You’ve done the hard part: Writing a book. But the work isn’t over yet. Whether you’re self-publishing, working with an indie publisher, or have a major house behind you, traditional book launches involve lots of in-person events, like bookstore tours, conferences, and throwing a big party (or two or three). Yes, even after all of those rounds of editing, agonizing over beta reader feedback, worrying…

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What are spam traps and how do you avoid hitting them?


Spam traps remain a top concern of senders fielded by our team. Yet while there is general agreement that spam traps should be avoided, there is not necessarily universal understanding as to what spam traps are or how they function for receiving networks and block list moderators. What are spam traps? How do spam traps work?  In short, a spam trap is a record designed…

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Identifying ‘Real Opens’ Is Key to Adapting to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection features will have widespread implications for email marketers. Why? It’ll affect everything from email analytics and deliverability to email strategy and design in a significant way. That’s because these changes, which debut this fall, will prevent email senders from seeing Apple Mail users’ open behavior, IP address, location, and device information. In particular, the lack of visibility around opens will…

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The Long Arm of the Law


The rapid rise of internet marketing means many data protection laws are no longer fit for purpose. The very definition of personal data has changed beyond recognition, leading to increased focus on consumer privacy. Now, governments around the world are responding with new legislation: In the US, the early example set by California and Virginia is being followed by no fewer than 16 active bills…

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How’s your email reputation?


Everyone strives to reach their subscribers’ inboxes. Many factors determine deliverability—but it’s no secret that reputation is among the most important. So what can you do to fix a broken reputation? How can you know what your reputation is or if it needs improving? And what role does an ESP play in working email magic? Like most things with deliverability, the answers aren’t always straightforward,…

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Customer’s choice: Introducing pay-what-you-want pricing in ConvertKit


Pricing. Oh, pricing. It’s a word that strikes fear into the hearts of side-hustlers and seasoned creators alike. Making the leap between creating free content and monetizing your work isn’t always easy—and choosing the right amount to charge is never easy. For most creators, taking the first step into monetization is always met with the most paralyzing question—how do I price this? The reason pricing…

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3 questions to ask yourself in the sprint to scale first-party data


The slow march to widespread adoption of first-party data became a full-on sprint last year—and it hasn’t slowed. Originally driven by consumers through privacy laws and regulations, the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile ad identifiers has required marketers to take stock of their first-party data assets. Thankfully, the majority of marketers we surveyed last year (61.9%) were focusing on first-party data strategies to meet…

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How to get more value from your data analysts


Recent changes to privacy regulations have highlighted that the need for Marketers to continue to encourage their organizations to collect and analyze their own first-party data has never been more important.  And yet, while organizations are collecting more data than ever before, and making significant investments in big data and analytics, many continue to struggle […] The post How to get more value from your…

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Email: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing


During our “Train Your Email Brain” webinar featuring Anna Frigerio from the DMA, Alex Fadahunsi from Trainline, and Validity colleagues Elliot Hogg and Ignacio Lecuona, we reviewed key findings from this year’s Marketer Email Tracker report. Email budgets benefitted in 2020 as spending was diverted from non-digital channels and they now represent over 20% of total marketing budgets. However, Anna showed us that this success…

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June 30 – 6 Ways Customer Lifetime Value Can Drive Email Marketing Strategy


Join us for an informal discussion of “6 Ways Customer Lifetime Value Can Drive Email Marketing Strategy“. Bring your thoughts and your questions on the blog post, this isn’t a formal webinar, it’s an interactive discussion. Your discussion leaders: Jenna Devinney, Webbula Emma Warrillow, Trendline Interactive, Author of the post Tammi Miller, Trendline Interactive, Author […] The post June 30 – 6 Ways Customer Lifetime…

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EEC: Apple’s Privacy Moves – Sky Falling or Time to Innovate?


The Email Experience Council asked me and 11 other industry thought leaders to provide their initial reaction and take on Apple’s newest privacy change to limit email tracking and mask IP addresses on the Apple Mail app, and its potential implications on email marketing. For my part, I said: “Consumers have been consistent in wanting more privacy and more relevant emails—not fully appreciating that these…

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Here’s how to get your music featured on Spotify playlists in 2021


To say the streaming service Spotify changed the music industry is an understatement. Spotify, with its 356 million users, essentially ended the dreaded peer-to-peer sharing that decimated the music business in the late '90s. It has also given musicians new ways to promote their music—most notably through Spotify playlists. When you consider the enormous promotional potential of Spotify playlists, it should be obvious that landing…

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Webbula: Promotional Tab vs. Primary Tab in Gmail


Some marketers worry a lot about whether their emails land in their subscribers’ Primary tab or Promotions tab in Gmail. To get a sense of whether marketers’ worry with worthwhile, Webbula reached out to me and six other email marketing experts to get our takes. For my part, I think concerns about tabs are way overblown—and there seems to be a high level of agreement among…

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