Email: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

During our “Train Your Email Brain” webinar featuring Anna Frigerio from the DMA, Alex Fadahunsi from Trainline, and Validity colleagues Elliot Hogg and Ignacio Lecuona, we reviewed key findings from this year’s Marketer Email Tracker report.

Email budgets benefitted in 2020 as spending was diverted from non-digital channels and they now represent over 20% of total marketing budgets. However, Anna showed us that this success has created new challenges. Goals for greater personalisation and relevance mean marketers need more data about their customers, as well as the technology to harness it. New tracking restrictions will increase these challenges, and large businesses are particularly concerned about the potential impact.

We asked Alex what he likes about email. His memorable response was that email is every marketer’s Swiss Army knife, providing multi-tool capabilities for eCRM effectiveness. He further elaborated:

  • Email deliverability is a living thing and there are many external factors that affect it. Highly seasonal sectors, like travel, see periods of intense competition for eye share. The importance of inbox placement during these peak periods is critical.
  • Email has played a key role in driving digital transformation for travel, with paperless ticketing now common. Alex predicts there will be further hyper-personalisation tactics, such as flexible season ticket pricing based on customers’ individual needs.
  • Greater regulation also provides opportunities. Responsible senders who are more transparent with customers about the use of tracking technologies will benefit because subscribers who are comfortable with this are generally the most engaged and brand loyal.

The report identifies crucial gaps between marketer and consumer perception when it comes to deliverability, relevance, and performance monitoring. While some sectors doubled their email volumes in 2020, Elliot highlighted that ± 20% of sending activity fails to achieve inbox placement. Ignacio considered the warm-up challenge for programs that have been largely dormant over the past year. Lack of data creates this lack of visibility, and both explained how an email success platform like Everest helps protect sender reputation, maximising email deliverability and improving email program efficiencies.

This summary hardly gets us out of the station! If you’d like to watch the full recording, it is available below. To learn more about how Everest can improve your email program’s performance, schedule a demo with us today.

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