How to level up your emails with automation

Sending one-time emails to your entire list may feel like a familiar and reliable default. And automating anything related to email might sound intimidating. However, automation opens the doors for incredible results and makes your life as a sender much easier.

It’s a cardinal rule of business that you should never treat every customer (or every subscriber) the same. The beauty of automation is that it allows you to differentiate your otherwise anonymous email list and send each subscriber the content that’s most likely to stick. Believe it or not, not sending someone irrelevant content goes a long way.

In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa discuss automation, how it works, and how you can use it to level up your email marketing and bring the best possible value to your subscribers.

Uses for email automation


(08:22) “A lot of us are busy, we don’t have time to sift through a ton of information for every email, for a promotion especially. So when something is really targeted, it’s nice because then I don’t have to do the work to find what it is that I’m supposed to be buying.” ~ @mel_lambert_

Main Takeaways

  • [09:08] Automation allows you to target subscribers by geographic location, whether they’ve made a purchase, and even by specific interests. Targeting helps you cater content to subscribers for their convenience, ensuring they get the most value from your list and stay happily engaged.
  • [11:57] If you’re a smaller creator, automation helps level the playing field between you and the big brands and big businesses, while giving you the time to expand your business.
  • [14:20] Your welcome sequence is key to successful automation and meaningful subscriber engagement.
  • [16:46] Be careful how much you send. If you’re sending five emails per day to a subscriber (automated or not), they’ll quickly become unengaged.
  • [19:06] Automation is a great way to re-engage cold subscribers.
  • [22:05] Automation is also a great way to boost a product or event launch.


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