What makes a good subscriber?

Every creator hopes for thousands of YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, and Twitter likes. But if you’re approaching your email list with a similar “more is better” mentality, you may be missing the mark.

In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa discuss why not all email subscribers are created equal and why smaller, high-value lists are healthier than a massive list filled with cold and unengaged subscribers.

Let’s outline what makes a great subscriber, the common mistakes that attract “bad” subscribers, and why bigger isn’t always better.

Bad email address examples


I think it’s a really hard concept for people to grasp sometimes because we do want a larger list, we want to focus on the numbers, but when it comes to the subscribers on your email list, quality is more important than quantity.” ~ @mel_lambert_

Main Takeaways

  • [08:55] Disposable domains, role-based accounts, and spam traps are emails to weed from your list. These can often, if not always, be classified as “bad subscribers.”
  • [20:00] Clean your email list! The longer you go without cleaning out cold subscribers, the harder it will be to clean out your list down the line, and the longer your deliverability will suffer.
  • [29:30] Someone can subscribe to your emails as a highly engaged, high-value subscriber, but they can quickly become a cold subscriber if you don’t deliver value.
  • [31:52] Rather than focusing on the number of subscribers you have, treat your subscribers like real people and focus on providing consistent value.


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