An Antispam Masterclass for Great Email Marketing

Email is highly prized for its measurability. Senders regularly benchmark their performance against historical yardsticks – and against their competitors! This continual quest to “know what great looks like” drove record registrations for our latest webinar. Special guests included Anna Frigerio, Insight Manager at the DMA; Stéphane Decamps, Head of Anti-Abuse & PR at Vade; Guillaume Séjourné, Head of Product Management at Vade; and Validity’s Mathieu Girol, Director of International Data Services.

Anna reviewed the DMA’s newly published Email Benchmarking Report 2021 (sponsored by Validity). Merging data from a broad cross-section of email service providers (ESPs), the report confirms email’s role as a highly effective marketing channel, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. Unexpected findings included performance uplifts for B2B (did working from home create more time for email engagement?), and not-for-profits saw big rises in their open and click rates – a heart-warming illustration of people’s willingness to support good causes during tough times.

For more fascinating stats and expert analysis, check out the full report.

Of course, metrics are irrelevant if emails don’t get delivered. An unwelcome side effect of email’s success is the corresponding rise in spam, and security vendors like Vade are constantly evolving their technology to identify fraudulent senders. This means it’s more important than ever for legitimate senders to avoid looking “spammy.” Guillaume and Stéphane provided a wealth of practical advice on how to achieve this:

  • Build a strong sender reputation (IP and domain) through consistent use of display names, domains, and email headers.
  • Carefully monitor the negative impact prospecting mailings (sent by affiliate partners, for example) can have on first-party campaigns.
  • The importance of top-drawer data quality to ensure senders’ programs are not hitting spam traps.
  • Leverage all available feedback loops, and promptly suppress complaints received through these FBLs.
  • Be aware of the risk posed by “replay” campaigns, where fraudsters repurpose legitimate senders’ email creatives by replacing the links.

Mathieu was on hand to discuss Validity’s data partnerships, and how they help to promote good senders, block bad senders, and provide actionable insights to maximise deliverability. Vade, for example, is deeply embedded in Validity’s Certification program, and accredited senders benefit because they are allowed to bypass Vade’s reputation filters. Marketers who would like to benefit should schedule a demo to look at Everest, Validity’s all-in-one email marketing solution.

We encourage you to watch the full webinar (below) to benchmark what great looks like, and to find out how to achieve greatness for your own email program.

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