Top 4 takeaways from Deliverability Defined season 2

Whether you’re a musician or an author, a blogger or an artist, email is the secret sauce to owning your audience and making a passion project your full-time hustle. While deliverability may sound like an algorithm with built-in metrics for success, there’s more than one way to reach the inbox and engage subscribers.

Last season, we defined the ABCs of deliverability. In season 2, we went beyond the basics, looking at the complexities of email and (hopefully) proving that inbox success has more to do with the person receiving your emails than a robotic, spam-resistant recipe.

Our top four takeaways from this season cover everything from marketing strategy to opt-in forms and what Apple’s privacy changes mean for measuring sender success.

Deliverability Defined


(21:42) “The underlying goal of deliverability is that subscribers get what they want from your emails. So, if a sender runs into a deliverability issue, it often indicates a disconnect between the emails subscribers are receiving and what they want.” ~ @alyssa_dulin

Main Takeaways

  • [04:00] Stop focusing so much on open rates and prioritize other metrics such as clicks and purchases. Open rates were never a perfect metric, and with Apple’s new privacy changes, they’re even less meaningful.
  • [08:44] Quality and consistency lead to email success. When you hit the sweet spot of high-quality content that’s also consistent, it’s hard not to succeed.
  • [16:03] Send relationship-building emails rather than purely promotional emails. Your subscribers determine your deliverability, so get to know them.
  • [27:49] Monetize your email list. Whether that’s through a paid newsletter, an email course, or an email series, figure out where it feels most natural to monetize.


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