How Many of My Subscribers Will Be Affected by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection?

Marketers now realize that Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will impact a wide range of email marketing functions. By generating false opens, distorting open times, and obscuring IP addresses and device information, Apple’s changes will affect everything from email analytics and deliverability to email strategy and design in a significant way. However, some marketers are unclear exactly how big the impact will be on those aspects of their email programs.

Here are five aspects that are critical to understanding the reach of Apple’s new privacy protections:

  1. Mail Privacy Protection won’t affect Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and other email apps that run on Apple’s operating systems.
  2. Apple email clients are extremely popular.
  3. Mail Privacy Protection affects any emails received in Apple Mail apps.
  4. Any email account can be affected by Mail Privacy Protection.
  5. The majority of Apple users will likely turn on Mail Privacy Protection within months of availability.

For more details on each of those elements, and to watch a 3-minute explainer video…

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