Only Influencers’ Email Metrics Project: Ask the Right Email Questions

Email metrics are confusing and can be easily misunderstood and misused. To help marketers avoid mistakes, Only Influencers has launched The Email Metrics Project at This website is home to definitions, articles, and videos to educate marketers on how to calculate and appropriately use email marketing metrics.

Im honored to have contributed several of my articles about email metrics, as well as recorded a video with Lauren Meyer about how marketers need to Ask The Right Email Questions when using email metrics. In that 26-minute video, we talk about:

  • Common questions that email marketers ask that can lead to the wrong tactics and strategies
  • The differences between business metrics and email metrics, and the differences between campaign, channels, and customer metrics
  • How having a super-high ROI means you’re leaving tons of money on the table
  • What marketers really want are insights, not data
  • Why open rates are the most misunderstood email metric
  • The usefulness of external benchmarks
  • How to use internal benchmarks effectively
  • And much more

>> Watch this 26-minute video on

And for a much deeper dive into asking the right email questions, watch…

The Questions to Ask Instead: Email Performance Measurement

The Questions to Ask Instead: Email Frequency & List Building

The Questions to Ask Instead: Email Marketing ROI

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