What’s New in ConvertKit: Cycle 5

One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public.

We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private like our finances and our deliverability. In addition, we also want to lean in and keep you updated on how we are developing our product for you with this cycle product report.

This cycle product report will cover features we’re building and bugs we’re fixing so you know how we’re prioritizing the projects that will impact how you use ConvertKit.

We use the Shape Up Method to create our product development systems. It involves a 2-week cool-down period where we research and plan for the next 6-week work cycle. That means we create in cycles—hence the title of this report.

We’re making what we have better for you

This past cycle was dedicated to product quality. Instead of only focusing on churning out new features, we also wanted to explicitly call out our goal of increasing the quality of our product so you can continue to love your experience with us.

Let’s dive right in.

We launched a new navigation

convertkit updates

This cycle we rolled out a major user-interface change: a brand new navigation. This new navigation is designed to group features based on actions you can take and goals you can accomplish with ConvertKit. On top of that, we also really focused on how we can build a new system that helps us scale as we continue to build out new features to support you.

Learning more about our navigation redesign here.

A new way to tease your paid content

convertkit paid posts

Running a paid newsletter with ConvertKit Commerce? We just rolled out our new paid posts feature so you can tease paid content to your audience and convert more readers into paying subscribers.

By creating a public newsletter feed, you can showcase both your free and paid email content, so potential readers get a taste of what you’re offering. For anyone who’s interested in unlocking your paid content, they’ll be directed to subscribe to your paid newsletter and get exclusive content you curate.

Check out this article to learn how to set up your paid posts today!

Assorted updates and bug fixes

In addition to big feature projects, we also set aside time to make edits and improvements to our product to ensure we continue to increase the quality for you.

Here are other updates and bug fixes we’ve made:

  • Updates to subscriber filters: We’ve added the ability to filter and target subscribers who have purchased pay-what-you-want products. Read more here to learn more about subscriber filters.
  • Social icon preview layout: We fixed a preview bug that displayed social icons vertically vs. horizontally to improve your editing experience.
  • Default padding: We added default padding to the header sections on our template starting points.
  • Refresh sequence blocks: In the past, when you deleted an email within a sequence, the content shown in the editor wouldn’t disappear until the page was refreshed or a different email was added. We’ve fixed this so it automatically refreshes to improve your editing experience within sequences.

What’s coming next?

Here’s a roadmap of what to expect from our team:

  • Subscriber filter improvements
  • Settings improvements
  • Unsubscribe survey
  • Purchase graph updates
  • Research into supporting more currencies
  • Layout blocks in emails
  • Toolbar design update
  • Redesign of visual automation templates library
  • New visual automation templates

We hope you enjoyed this new cycle report. We’re excited to keep you in the loop of what we’ve been working on so you can get all the benefits of using ConvertKit as you grow your creative business.

Do you have any feature requests you’d like us to check out? Join the ConvertKit Community and submit them!

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