APAC Webinar: It’s Not Too Late to Prepare for Peak Sales Season Performance

Email marketers face mounting challenges during peak sales season. During this time, their workloads multiply as they ramp up their marketing campaigns.

Further complicating matters, the peak selling season is getting longer. Peak sales season used to start on Thanksgiving and end with New Year’s sales. However, Black Friday now extends into Black November, Cyber Monday is more like Cyber Week, and New Year’s sales now run well into January.

Then, marketers must consider regional events—including APAC’s Click Frenzy, Diwali, and Singles’ Day—that all happen before Black Friday.

After factoring in back to school promotions and Chinese New Year, the original six-week sales season is now closer to three-and-a-half months. And that’s without factoring in Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Mother’s Day!

More sales and email campaigns lead to rising numbers of discounts, countdowns, and “last chance” emails hitting inboxes.

This increased sending volume in turn leads to subscriber fatigue, higher complaint rates, and lower engagement. The result? Deliverability problems and a downturn in email ROI.

For tips to prepare for peak sales season, we asked our email experts, Guy Hanson and William Zhang from Validity, along with guests Alex Coussy from Camilla and Angel Khong from David Jones.

Here’s a sneak peek at their discussion:

  • Many Click Frenzy participants don’t make effective use of pre-header text in their emails. This is effectively a second subject line. When optimized, pre-header text can make your brand stand out in a crowded inbox and give subscribers more reasons to open your email.
  • Apple MPP, introduced on September 20th, has already impacted reporting of open rates. Other metrics remain consistent, which suggests email marketers will need to rely less on open rates to gauge campaign engagement.
  • Brands should consider BIMI (Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification) to drive increased sender recognition and boost trust.

For more marketing tips to help you achieve better peak season performance, watch the full webinar.

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