Peak Sales, Peak Headaches!

Our latest State of Email Live webinar featured another fantastic lineup of guests, including Kostas Karagkounis from Emarsys, Antony Humphreys from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (a valued Validity customer!), and Validity’s own Tori Garcia.

We discussed the upcoming peak sales season, which is not only getting busier—it’s getting longer. A period that was once limited to Black Friday and Cyber Monday now extends through Valentine’s Day. And many brands now incorporate regional events like Diwali, Singles’ Day, Click Frenzy, and El Buen Fin into their marketing plans.

As a result, email marketers face mounting deliverability and engagement challenges. But with these challenges come opportunities. We spent time discussing both.

MPP: More pressure on profits

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature makes it difficult for email senders to follow best practices like list hygiene, recency management, and journey automation. And as Tori explained, MPP adoption is increasing: One-third of all email “opens” are now generated by Apple’s proxy.

We also discussed the increasing volume of recycled spam traps, which will degrade sender reputation and deliverability just when senders need to reach their audiences most.

Drivers of change

Kostas referenced rising spam trap hits and Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) rates to explain why peak sales season will be a different (and tougher) proposition this year.

Due to the massive email volume coming their way, technology providers like Gmail and Microsoft will be forced to prioritize inbox placement based on sender reputation. This comes at a time during which marketing teams are under enormous pressure to recover sales revenue lost due to COVID-19.

Further complicating matters, consumers have (in theory) increased spending capacity, but many are experiencing crippling “digital fatigue,” impacting their willingness to engage with email content.

Birds-eye view

The biggest mistake email senders make during peak sales season?

According to Antony, it’s failing to take a birds-eye view of the larger email landscape. Email senders should remember their program is just one of millions. Even if they employ best practices for sending emails, they’ll still be impacted by many others that don’t.

Antony emphasized the critical importance of using email verification solutions to maximize sender reputation and performance during peak season. He also praised Validity’s Sender Certification program for helping senders achieve 99.8 percent inbox placement rates. (Who wouldn’t want those results during such a business-critical period?)

We’re watching with anticipation to see what this year’s peak sales season brings and how it will impact brand marketing tactics.

For tips to prepare your email program for peak sales season, watch to the on-demand webinar here.

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