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Email Verification Best Practices for 2022


Despite the popularity of omnichannel marketing using social media, SMS, or push notifications, email remains a tried and true marketing outreach vehicle to reach prospective and existing clients. Message not delivered—the three words sure to cause dread (and even a groan) in most people, especially marketing campaign managers. After spending days, weeks, or even months crafting quality email content, a list riddled with inaccurate, fake,…

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Demystifying the DMARC Record


The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) standard is the best tool brands have to combat phishing attacks that target customers by spoofing their owned domains.  This is particularly important in 2021, when phishing attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated by the day.   But actually implementing DMARC can get confusing quickly. In this post, we’ll demystify the DMARC record by defining the DMARC tags…

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How to think like a scientist to help your creativity


The scientific method is straightforward. Identify a problem, draw a hypothesis, run an experiment, collect the data, and find a conclusion. What if we approached our creative side hustles with the same data-driven mindset? Creators of all types procrastinate, get stuck, burn out, or simply lose momentum. When work is personal or we live like perfectionists, it’s especially hard to break out of a rut…

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Why some subscribers don’t confirm their opt-in


As creators and email marketers, we’ve got a lot of important things keeping us up at night. From our marketing strategy, the hassle of freelance taxes, and, of course, those subscribers who don’t confirm their double opt-ins. But of all our worries, is an unconfirmed subscriber really something to stress over? After all, what’s “normal” subscriber behavior? It might be time to rethink how you…

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How to Ping an Email Address To Check Its Validity


Have you ever wondered if an email address is real? It may be tempting to send a tester email to see if it’ll bounce back to you. Or, you could just forego that by pinging the email server to see if the address is legit. But neither of those is practical, especially when you need to check several addresses. While manually testing a single email…

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How to Send a Test Email 3 Ways (And What to Check First)


By the stroke of midnight, your email marketing campaign will go live. For months, you and the team have poured over hundreds of graphics, debated every word of the subject line, and rearranged headings and subheadings until everyone was jaded and cross-eyed. But just an hour after going live, a flood of negative replies and bounces fill your inbox. One Mac user reports a broken…

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Transactional Email: What It Is, Why You Need It [+Examples]


Timing and relevance are the two most crucial elements of successful email communication. For businesses that rely on keeping their customers informed – this couldn’t be more true. Keep on reading to learn more about the most effective way of making sure your customers get exactly what they bargained for: transactional emails, our latest add-on feature for the GetResponse Enterprise customers.

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How musicians can have their best album release with email automation


You’re more comfortable with chords than campaigns—but for indie artists, music and marketing go hand-in-hand. But building your newsletter merely scratches the surface of all the different ways you can use email marketing to find new fans, sell more albums, and connect with your audience. Musicians who want to grow their fanbase without cutting into essential creative work time can turn to automated emails to…

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Validity’s Top Blog Posts of 2021


 ‘Twas the last work week before Christmas, and all across Slack,  Office workers were waiting, to finally power down their Macs…  Ah the holidays…the perfect time to curl up with blankets, cocoa, and a blog post from Validity.   We’re in the final days of 2021—and for many, the home stretch before a long-awaited holiday break.  But ‘tis the season for reflection. Before we close the curtains on 2021, it’s time to…

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How iOS 15 has impacted open rates for creators


On September 20, 2021, Apple released their new OS, iOS 15. There were many large changes introduced with this operating system and a few of the major changes were focused on privacy. The change that received the most attention from email senders was the Mail Privacy Protection feature of the Mail app. What is Mail Privacy Protection? Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature will automatically load…

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The Best Email Verification Service of 2022


Email marketing is a technique that’s worth adding to your overall strategy for attracting new clients. Research shows that it’s both more effective than social media outreach and has a faster conversion rate. But if you’re going to use email marketing, you have to make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts. And a key part of that is verifying your email lists. In…

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Real-Time Validation APIs: How to Prevent Theft in the New Year


When it comes to preventing bad data from entering your CRM, real-time validation can make a world of difference. But did you know it can also put your company at risk? Theft is a common problem with real-time validation APIs. Preparing your business to deal with theft can help you protect your data, save money, and prevent future attacks. While you’ve been focused on growing…

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What Good Email List Cleaners Do For You (And What They Don’t Do)


Let’s be honest—no one likes deep-cleaning their house. We’d rather spend our time elsewhere. But you have to do it if you want your house to feel livable, clean, and hygienic. The same goes for our marketing email lists. Your marketing campaign (and bottom line) can’t afford clutter or a buildup of invalid, inactive, unengaged email addresses or spam traps. These emails are dead weight…

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Protecting your email list and reputation


As creators, trust is everything. The trust between you and the subscribers who stay tuned is the foundation of your business and the source of your creative freedom. And while it can take months or years to build up hard-earned trust, it only takes one spammer to derail it. In the tech-driven twenty-first century, spamming is more prevalent than ever. Unfortunately, an email list and…

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The ultimate guide to email marketing for authors


In a perfect world, you publish your book, and readers come running. You check “Become an Author” off your bucket list and start thinking about what the topic for your next book should be. You get ready for all the glory of being called an author— But that day doesn’t come nearly as soon as you’d hoped. Sometimes book launches don’t go as planned. Whether…

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What is a Spam Trap, and How Can You Avoid It?


All that glitters on your email list isn’t necessarily gold. Did you know that hiding among what you thought were authentic and active customer emails, could be a spam trap (aka a honeypot)? Companies and anti-spam organizations alike (e.g., Spamhaus, SURBL, Cloudmark, and Vade Retro) use these addresses to bait and catch spammers. Here’s what this can mean for you—even though you’re not a spammer,…

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