7 Burning Questions about Email Unsubscribes

Brands work hard to build their email marketing lists, so they understandably want to minimize unsubscribes. However, lingering misconceptions about unsubscribes lead some brands to put the wrong tactics in place. So, in an effort to reduce unsubscribes, some brands actually end up increasing list churn or hurting their deliverability, or both.

Here are seven questions that you or your boss might have about unsubscribes that are at the heart of devising wise practices that protect your list and your reputation:

  1. If I make my unsubscribe link too prominent, am I essentially encouraging people to opt out?
  2. Do unsubscribes hurt my email deliverability?
  3. What about native unsubscribe links?
  4. How can I retain more subscribers when they visit my unsubscribe page?
  5. What about offering a “Snooze” option?
  6. How many clicks should it take to unsubscribe?
  7. What should I pay attention to when testing my unsubscribe process?

To the answers to those questions…

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