The future of email

If you could peek into a crystal ball and see the next 10 or 15 years of email evolution, what would it look like?

Are the strategies you’re implementing ready for the future?

Many say that in a world of ever-changing algorithms, email stays the same. While it’s never an exact science, the predictability and control senders have over their content certainly makes email an attractive outlet. However, nothing is ever stagnant, email included. For example, Apple’s recent privacy changes, the promotions tab controversy, and that infamous ‘unsend’ option rolled out by Gmail years ago.

In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa make their email predictions for 2022 and the years ahead. From metrics to privacy to engagement and open rates, here’s everything the experts are betting on. While there’s no guarantee these changes will come to fruition, it’s always important to consider what’s next.

the future of email

Key Takeaways

  • [03:27] – Over time, Alyssa predicts that metrics like open rates will become more and more unusable before eventually returning.
  • [04:47] – Further into the future, large mailbox providers will develop new tools to help senders understand their email performance while still protecting the privacy of subscribers.
  • [11:32] – Melissa predicts that emails will become more and more targeted and senders will continue finding creative ways to encourage engagement.
  • [17:25] – Alyssa believes that more and more creators will use email to connect with their audience rather than relying only on social media.
  • [22:26] – Melissa predicts that emails will become more interactive and senders will find new ways to encourage and track that engagement.


[12:28] – “I think consumers have a lot of options and they’re becoming smarter with what they’re interested in, and I think senders and marketers will have to be even more specific about what they send subscribers, especially if they don’t have that open rate data.” ~ @mel_lambert_

[17:55] – “A lot of creators still probably don’t use email marketing, especially the ones getting started, because they just don’t understand the value of it. But I think as time goes on, that’s going to change, and as soon as you decide you want to be a creator or have some sort of platform or build an audience, email is going to be one of the first things you do.” ~ @alyssa_dulin

[21:13] – “Email helps you own your audience instead of constantly worrying about what your followers aren’t seeing. If they were on your email list and you had good engagement and also practiced good deliverability practices, they would see everything you create.” ~ @mel_lambert_


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