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Why Your Business Needs Email Validation


Email marketing gives you an edge over other channels like social media. Think about it this way — you have the freedom to reach out to your subscribers via email anytime (within reason, of course). They don’t need to hunt you down first for your latest updates or services. However, your email marketing campaign is only as effective as the quality of your email lists…

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5 Qualities to Look for in an Email Deliverability Consultant


Email marketing trends can ebb and flow – but when it comes to deliverability, you’re aiming for consistency. Landing in the inbox every time? Yes, please. While perfection isn’t attainable, high deliverability is. And that might mean partnering with an email deliverability consultant. What’s the best approach? It starts with finding the right email deliverability tool. That tool will serve as your primary insight into…

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So Your Email Has Soft Bounced: 3 Things You Can Do About It


Not all soft bounces will turn into a successful delivery after several attempts at redelivery. Too many failed delivery attempts can turn a soft bounce into a hard bounce – which can batter your sender reputation and ultimately your deliverability rate. If you find yourself facing frequent error code messages, then the good news is that there are straightforward steps you can take to fix…

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Key Email Differences Around the World


For email marketers representing global businesses, it’s vital to understand that the tactics and strategies that work well in some parts of the world may not be successful in others. Taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach can tarnish the relationship you have with your customers and negatively impact your email performance. Therefore, it’s important to tailor your email marketing strategy to accommodate unique regional variances. Let’s explore…

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Understanding SPF Authentication


Email Authentication Series Part 1: Why Email Authentication Matters to Your Email Program > Part 2: Understanding SPF Authentication Part 3: Understanding DKIM Authentication Part 4: Understanding DMARC Authentication (coming soon) Part 5: Understanding BIMI (coming soon) How SPF helps to prevent sender domain spoofing In part one, we covered the importance of email authentication, why it’s needed, why it's done the way it’s done,…

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Webbula: How Did the Email Industry Do During the Pandemic?


Email marketing was in heavy use during the early months of the pandemic. Webbula reached out to 9 email marketing experts, including me, to get our take on how the email industry did? There were definitely a variety of opinions on just how we did as an industry. In my answer to the question, I focused on two things: The role that empathy played in…

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Finding email’s place in a crowded creator economy


Email gets a bad rep these days. It’s considered too spammy, invasive, and impersonal by many, and some think it’s on its way out. But is it really such a tech dinosaur? We don’t think so. Email stands alone in a few key categories you may have never considered. We don’t think email will ever die—and it’s a powerful tool to wield as a creator…

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When Content Impacts Deliverability


In general, the response to questions like "Will using FREE in my subject line hurt my deliverability?" will likely be "Probably not." There are so many more signals, some significantly bigger and more impactful, that mailbox providers use to determine placement. However, sometimes content IS the culprit. In this month’s roundup, email experts from Adobe, Word to the Wise, Campaign Monitor, Netcore Cloud, Hurix Digital,…

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Loyalty Program Liabilities: Definitions & Recommendations


When you launch a points-based loyalty program, you’re creating a micro-economy with its own currency, market dynamics, and—most importantly from a legal standpoint—liabilities. Because these points can have monetary value that’s realized at the time of redemption, companies must defer revenue to cover these costs. In this post, Oracle CrowdTwist Senior Strategist Carly Mathews reviews key terms and definitions from the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s…

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What creators need to know about NFTs and community


If you’ve spent any amount of time consuming content online, you’ve likely seen the acronym NFT floating around. Do you know about NFTs? And do you know how NFTs can benefit you as a creator? Whether you’re an NFT expert or you’ve only heard about them a couple of times, NFTs will continue to become more relevant in our economy. And for creators, they will…

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Why you don’t need more clients, you need ideal clients


More, more, more. That’s what we’re used to thinking about with business: more followers, more subscribers, more sales, more revenue. But it’s quality, not quantity, that will actually help your business grow. You’ve probably heard of the concept of “niching down”—specializing in a product or service rather than trying to do all the things—and that concept also extends to your customers. Instead of being everything…

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4 Outdated Email Practices to Avoid


The world of email is changing fast. Rising consumer expectations for personalized content, new privacy laws, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), and COVID-19 have changed the playing field for email marketers. It’s tough for senders to alter their strategies when they’re used to doing things a certain way. But staying complacent in this climate is a surefire way to lose out to competitors who are finding…

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Online Brand Protection Starts with Your Domain


How to protect your brand’s domain Brand Protection is crucial with any business, which means your brand must be protected everywhere—including your online brand. And Brand Protection is more than just protecting your brand, but also protecting your customers. In the US alone, 13.2 percent of total sales in 2021 were from e-commerce. That’s a lot. So protecting the domains that house your websites, market…

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5 Ways to Generate More Loyalty & Email Signups


The sunsetting of third-party cookies is putting added pressure on marketers to grow their email subscriber and loyalty member audiences. In addition to needing to collect more email addresses as identifiers, they need the zero- and first-party data these programs generate to improve targeting and personalization across all their advertising and marketing efforts. Here are five ways to boost your loyalty and email signups: Sell…

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GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign – Which Tool is Better?


These are two of the best email marketing services in our opinion. The main difference between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign is the range of features they offer and what they charge for them. ActiveCampaign’s specialty is marketing automation, allowing you to build complex workflows based on email engagement, web events, and events in third-party tools (e.g. purchases or support tickets), to name a few. Customer messaging

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