6 Ways to ‘Review and Improve’ Your Automated Emails

As a slogan to promote automated emails, “set it and forget it” has been disastrously successful. That’s because, while it spurred marketers to create lots of triggered campaigns, it set horrible expectations for how to maximize their effectiveness.

The truth is that these are living, breathing campaigns that need ongoing care and nurturing for as long as you’re running them. That’s why I call these emails “review and improve” programs in my book, Email Marketing Rules. Here are 6 ways you can take care of your automated campaigns so they do the best job of taking care of your prospects and customers (and your bottom line):

  1. Automation Inventory
  2. Performance Reviews
  3. Quality Assurance Checks
  4. Design & Messaging Refreshes
  5. Testing & Optimization
  6. Seasonal Optimization

For a discussion of each of those…

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