The Future of Email Podcast: A Conversation with Chad S. White of Oracle

I join Matthew Dunn, the host of The Future of Email Podcast, to talk about major email marketing trends and where the industry is headed over the next 12-24 months. Recorded in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our conversation is pretty heavy, getting into cyber- and geopolitics. We talk about:

  • The need for a strategic roadmap, but also the disruptions that have led to email marketers throwing their roadmaps out repeatedly
  • The many potential disruptions on the horizon this year
  • How two years of upheaval have changed email marketers’ priorities
  • How marketers handled the early months of the pandemic
  • The mailbox provider landscape and its power dynamics
  • How politics, power vacuums, and social value expression are changing marketing
  • CAN-SPAM and the future of email legislation in America
  • Mail Privacy Protection and Apple’s brand stance on privacy
  • The historical importance of email opens in deliverability management
  • Whether Google is likely to follow in Apple’s email privacy footsteps
  • All the ways that Apple is flexing really hard right now
  • Mega Tech monopoly risks
  • The martech landscape and the best-of-suite proposition
  • And much more… 

>> Listen to The Future of Email Podcast

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